I Waited for November (dVerse) Audio

Painting by Edward William Cooke, Venice, A November Evening in the Lagoon (1859)

I waited

She said this was the safest place

It was 1800 hours and I felt the sadness engulf me

As I looked on past the sunset

Blank with guilt

I waited

And I waited

And I waited for her

Days came

And they went

The sun shifted

And it bent

I talked to the gods

Bowed my head hopeful this would be rectified if I repent

But the water

Froze still

And the quiet consumed me

And I knew

She was gone


I waited


29 thoughts on “I Waited for November (dVerse) Audio

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      1. Ohhhh, that is good to know, I’m still fairly new to the challenges although I have been seeing them for years. 80 words, I had to stop myself right there or I would have been lost out to sea…lol, as I normally am.

  1. An intriguing first person poem – I would love to know the back story and what happened to the speaker. The shape, form and repetition emphasised the agony of waiting. I especially like the rhyme in these lines:
    ‘Days came
    And they went
    The sun shifted
    And it bent’.

    1. Lord knows I have waiting for many things, this is the story of life … lol, waiting, wait, hurry up and wait, go on and wait over there, hold on and wait, wait a minute, hold on wait for me, wait, wait, wait, we all have felt the agony of waiting for some thing or another, thank you for reading, I am heading over your way ❤

  2. So sad, but lovely. I imagine this type of scene has happened often through the ages.
    It’s funny because I recently re-watched “Before Sunset,” where the couple had planned to meet in Paris, but then she didn’t show up. Thank you for joining us!

    1. Ahhh yes, I have waited more than a few times in my life, I’m still waiting, this is what came to mind when I looked at the image for the challenge, the dreadful wait for various things 🙂 Thanks for reading ❤

  3. We have all at one time or another waited in vain knowing what we were waiting for was likely not going to come. I like the feeling of this piece, very engaging.

  4. That waiting must have been hard– and now that she’s gone (I imagine she won’t be coming back), there’s nothing else to do but wait. Lovely. You rocked this. Thanks.

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