I Searched for You ~ Poetry

I’ve searched for stones
Limping from broken bones
I laid bare searching for something so rare
I stood on peaks vista’s and mountains 
I lowered myself in valleys
I bathed in historical mystical fountains
Searching for you
I walked dangerous terrain
I kept going even while searching with a broken brain
I roamed from day till dusk
This was not about lust
Much more about trust
I was in the muck and mire
Burning with desire
I laid bare searching for something so rare
I honored the sabbath and respected your status
I mantra’d the lords prayer
I prayed while scared
I covered my hair
I lowered my eyes conscience of the devils glare
I searched and searched but the gods weren’t playing fair
I paced the valley of the kings searching for rings and pretty things
I made a declaration to a nation through meditation
I ignored sexual sensations
I refrained from masturbation
I nurtured generations
I promoted positive vibrations
I wrote away self-hatred and internal allegations
While searching for you
I laid bare searching for something so rare
I was overcome with despair
I searched for stones
Limping from broken bones
I was longing for belonging

I was


For you

These poems are all connected ❤
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Waiting for You – Poetry

How long can I wait for you

To see the sun turn grey

Nights running into my days

Waiting for you


Eyes sealed tight
Holding on to a maybe or might 
Sending smoke signals hoping you’re alright 


I died

Waiting for you

To feel my heart beat cold

Pressure building from all the lies that you’ve told

And I wait

While this evil consumes me

These poems are all connected ❤
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Infected By Love- Poetry

I sacrificed myself on the altar and begged God to give me back my soul 

I wondered this wilderness I was lost in the fold

I wrote pages and pages till it became a scroll

Love had games

Hung me by nooses and invisible chains 

I’ve become a walking noise maker from the residue that jingles in my hollow veins 


Love took its toll 

Felt lessons left mud prints in my fractured  soul 

Half of a heart does not make a whole 


Sadness compromised me times 3

Left miles and miles still cleaning up debris 

August was a long month felt like years 

Found myself floating on a life raft

Damn near drowned in my own tears 


Till life felt like a plague 

So I saged

And I saged 
I burned incense

It lingered 

But the hurt still stayed 

I was compromised and delayed 

Rigamortis set in and even the neighbors could smell the decay 


I sacrificed myself on the altar and begged God to give me back my soul 

I wondered this wilderness I was lost in the fold

I wrote pages and pages till it became a scroll

I fasted I starved myself and I paced the floor some more

I talked to myself and searched for riddles beyond hidden doors
I spoke to the gods and whispered to the moon

I cried rivers and layed prostrate singing holy across empty tombs 

I bled myself trying to rid myself of this atrocity
I showed my self approved spewing with generosity

I walked on hot coals I detoxed myself I stopped eating meat

The congregation stood in line while I washed every members feet

I even cut my locs out

But I was still left 




I was without 

I did all this trying to replenish my broken soul 

I will one day find a way out of this deep dark lonely hole 

I’ve been infected 



These poems are all connected ❤
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The Playground – Poetry

Sandy plays here

Much to my chagrin

Her little pale white dress gets dirty

Perhaps if I were here long enough

I too

Would have allowed myself to get dirty

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Wired – Poetry W/Audio

Wires Hang me from lines

Feeling my dysfunction

Misused like concubines

Movement sublimes and gesture persuade this tri-polar mind

A thesaurus of recordings memoirs and movies wait cynically for the right time
They all submit to my personalities
They’re listening
Waiting for transistors to align

Always skilled at entering occupied areas

In spite of danger signs


And church can’t sooth me

Secret missions scythe my mind and carve 666 in a pattern down my spine

Behind enemy lines

Camouflaged into the walls

Something dragged me aimlessly down haunted halls

Where faces plague me
Past images degrade me

And force me to repeatedly listen to Blue October

Hate me

My emotions betray me
Then my thoughts berate me
I go adrift and they sedate me
And sensations date rape me

Till I wonder to nowhere

And everywhere

And become wonder woman

Doing 100 on 71 South

Demons position curse word to my mouth

I live in this hell
This hell!

Critically tryna’ blink myself into a southern bell

God made me ugly so He could love me

And you can hate me

I despise ever being born

I’m constantly
And consistently

Begging God

To please relieve me of this thorn


Release me from this mind carved storm

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3 things you need to know about Sexual Soul Ties

Light lily’s breeze through his buildings

Turning his mouth cotton candy

Was a moon to me that exhaled my essence?

With laughter

From embarrassment


From an hour glass

Timeless image

Faded photograph

That blew butterflies thru my frame

And sat me on pipes thrusting pulsed between my brains

Not even the roughest twister

Can tame

His hurricane

That paints

A picture

Of Her

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Sculpting – Poetry

If I could sculpt myself a tear

I’d make it audible

Allowing even the deaf to hear


If I could sculpt myself a tear

I’d paint it purple

Signifying royalty

And make all the blue disappear


If I could sculpt myself a tear

I’d relinquish loneliness

And mix this liquid with a prayer  


If I could sculpt myself a tear

I’d give it an automatic reset

So that it would never be in need of repair


If I could sculpt myself a tear

I would never create it


And salty


This wicked world

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I don’t write sweet poems ~ Poetry

Chairs window pains and picture frames hold secrets
Misunderstood with tradition and verbs
Rifts creeks crevices and curves obey commands and surgically implant paranoia with bad words
I can see invisible people watching me hiding in the seams
While drums beat heavy from the rear of my twisted dreams


Naturally it’s the thing I wear


Everything is not always as beautiful as it may appear
I whisper truth to myself and pretend not to hear


Till poetry becomes aggressive and lines become smeared
Time has no expiration date and statute of limitations don’t exsist


Don’t ever get distracted it’s not always easy to resist


The thoughts


And I don’t write sweet poems

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I Waited for November (dVerse) Audio

Painting by Edward William Cooke, Venice, A November Evening in the Lagoon (1859)

I waited

She said this was the safest place

It was 1800 hours and I felt the sadness engulf me

As I looked on past the sunset

Blank with guilt

I waited

And I waited

And I waited for her

Days came

And they went

The sun shifted

And it bent

I talked to the gods

Bowed my head hopeful this would be rectified if I repent

But the water

Froze still

And the quiet consumed me

And I knew

She was gone


I waited

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Way Side (Written for dVerse Poets)

The night was lost

Drowning in this noise 

Aiming to lose this fight

Lost in the dark of sight

Can’t make out what’s wrong with the right

I passed Sally from 21st and 7th Ave.

There was nothing funny in this world can’t muster up a laugh

Henry and Veronica moved pass me slow and tried to graze my eyes

So I kept walking and talking to the ground

Somebody’s daughter was lost never to be found

Buried in these streets

The hustle and bustle of New York night left me blank in thought

I can’t hear my thoughts

But they whispers to me bad words 

And beat me in my dreams

And reminds me what’s wrong with this night

That I’m mangled with these streets can’t win this fight

And I can’t keep sharing my whiskey with Henry and Veronica only makes things risky for a drought

And I howl mamma’s favorite 70’s song to the wind and tell New York traffic my woes

I give pedestrians the blues just for show

I can’t wake myself


This life takes too long

And reminds me

I’ve been left by the wayside


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My ring finger holds a secret

A lingering

To be remembered

Opposite side

It sits heavy

Where two worlds collide

My right hand is covered

But my ring finger died

There is no growing season

Twilight moons have become full blown

The growl in my aches have turned full grown

I am childlike from these moans

My pen and paper have turned stones

From the weight of this wind

And death has become my companion


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Nauseous (Poetry)


Émotions * #Artistsupportpledge, Drawing by eza-drawart | Artmajeur

Nauseous from all the sour men I’ve eaten

Understanding my belly more because of them it’s deepened

Watching others cope by cutting while I watch the blood seeping

Tired from this nod spend all my time sleeping

I’ve been confused, panicked and afflicted

Poor me another so I become estranged and addicted

Lady Sings the Blues was my song

Tryna’ wait on God but He seems to take too long

Dancing would have been nice if it wouldn’t have sickened my brain

Spirituality gone wild need a lion trainer to tame

Moonless nights and sunless days

So she plays

And she played

And he paid

Running from her Shadow Knights turning into days

And he stays

Then he strays

So she prays

An evil trick left me sick nervous click felt time tick

Took me days and days till Dawn the universe spinning there’s no Harmony lost in my yawn

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Image result for abortion artwork


As I sat on the edge of my bed praying for redemption

I felt the knot in my gut spring up in my soul

My body went cold and the memories took control

And I asked God for forgiveness because only he knew what I did

And the people who did it…

I got rid of that thing because I knew it was his

And I hated him

The thing was a monster

I wanted it gone

I wanted it dead

But still so much a part of me

I did not want the world to see

What this man planted in me

I laid still frozen on my back

While I heard the chants from the windows

From murmurs priest and Catholic’s



As one single tear drop fell from my eye

And collided pass my ear and slid down my neck

And froze itself right there

Tickling my neck

But this was not funny

And I dare not even crack a smile

I laid frozen on my back as the chants got louder

I refuse to cry because that would have been an admission of



Of something I dare not admit with this tongue

The thing was a monster

I wanted it gone

I wanted it dead

But still so much a part of me

This thing that lived inside of me

Was haunting me

And I heard him whisper

You are beautiful, as he brushed my hair to the side

Every night at 3 o clock in the morning

And I was mourning for my innocents

That I lost a long time ago

Now I live with this thing

This thing

This monstrous thing!

I just knew I’d be free…

As I laid there flat on my back

Spread eagle

Waiting for this thing to exit my womb

I wanted to bury it,,,

Tie a chain to it

And throw it in the sea



So it can never again resurface

I was praying to have not




Of this event

But here

I lay

20 Years Later


Flat on my back


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He made me feel like I was in dream

With a lot of gentle

Mixed with a just enough mean

He touched me softly

And my nibbles arose

He even asked me if he could suck my toes

He was nothing like the last man  I choose

He sucked on my nibbles

Like cherries to the seed

I was hungry for this ocean in me to be freed

I rolled over, trying to shift my weight

I wasn’t sure if I was dreaming

It felt like I was in some kind of dream state

He kissed my neck

And he made me moan

He looked in my eyes

Challenging my sensual tone

I tried to get up but he pinned me down

And all I heard was nasty, wet slurping sounds

He had me wet and paralyzed to the bed

His face disappeared and all I saw was his head

Finally he came up for air and kissed me on my face

I pulled him closer because I wanted to taste

And I licked his face leaving non of me to waste

I laid back screaming

Because his tongue felt so good

I really wanted to cum

I really felt like I could

He said

You better not cum

But every emotion in me won

When he went back down

And I began to scream

And I was pissed off when the flight attendant woke me


It was only


A dream


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THANK YOU FOR THE INSPIRATION http://shackledandcrowned.wordpress.com/2013/04/12/friendship/



Trójkowy Ekspres - David Bowie & Iman by Bruce Weber, 1995. | Facebook

We were like a thousand miles of highway

With never ending transitions

A tunnel

A pathway

To everywhere

I know we’ve been in la-la land

Somewhere far away on our journey to love

Random tokens of affection straddle my shoulder

And trickle down my spine

And I know he sees my silhouette dancing slowly for the moon

And yesterday he made love to me from across the room

And it was beautiful

Like all the times before

And it was nothing fancy but so much more

We were like a thousand miles of highway

Riding somewhere pass the end of the earth


We were…

We were…

We were falling in love

We played footsies from across the room

And he smelled me

Because I was his perfume

And no amount of turmoil could penetrate our portal

We were only mere mortals

But we were in love

When he touched me I felt his protection

This was not about sex

But so much more

We were exempt from


Social acceptability

Or prejudice

He was my white

And I was his black

And there were no “Grey Areas”

We were in a magic place

We were…

On a thousand miles of highway

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Dis-Order (Poetry)

I eat to make the pain fade today
And the dragon in my belly
Plays monstrous villains
Till all my emotional scares fade away
You’ll never understand why I eat the way I do
Don’t try and diagnose me
Because I will eat you away too
I will vomit till my face turns blue
Tryna’ forget that I hate you
And that I hate myself too


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My Dr. told me I had a nervous bleeding in my brain

The judge told me I was criminally insane

I knew some of my crazy was from the cocaine

See I’ve had my lover tied up in the basement for, only God knows when

I looked at him and said…


How Fiction Taught Me To Be a Good Person – BookNotes and FootMarks

Crying clowns and morbid sounds

Crows above

And blood filled tubs 

Mask and cutting glass

Black moons and poison mushrooms

Empty rooms filled with witches brooms

A jackals tale seeing acid trails

A dirty deed planted with demonic seeds

A haunted trust with piercing thrusts

Gagged with rags and gasoline bags

Heart melting eyes singing cryptic lullabies

Tormented mimes with twisted spines

Sickening rhymes with catholic chimes

A fantasy reversed with a witches curse

A dog moon with hidden rooms

A serpent’s tail stuffed with human cells

A joker’s laugh after its evil craft

A rotten kiss with blood filled lips

An evil moon staring at us from the basements tomb

I bound his mouth with tape

I looked around him things starting to take shape

Shift shaper and hate makers whisper in my ear

I stopped taking my meds and things don’t seem real clear

I rub my eyes trying hard to stay awake

My body trembled and my hands began to shake

My Dr. told me I had a nervous bleeding in my brain

The judge told me I was criminally insane

I knew some of my crazy was from the cocaine

See I’ve had my lover tied up in the basement for, only God knows when

I looked at him and said…


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I’m chasing you

To catch up to a memory

Where drums beat cartwheels through my heart

And love has trapped me in a pianos tune

We sip mushrooms

And plant seeds of hope

For all who doubt

That we are in love

And if loving you pass eternity isn’t enough

I will come back

In another life

And love you again

I’m chasing you

To catch up to a memory

Where drums beat cartwheels through my heart

And love has trapped me in a pianos tune

For all who doubt

That we are in love

I will come back

In another life

And love you again

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For Halloween I want to be a morphine drip

To let the sun dry me up

And run healing through this broken cup

But there is no sun in October

And the weather is always better after the rain

The atmosphere is clearer

But the environment stays the same


For Halloween I want to be a morphine drip

And sip on tomorrow

And lend out me

And get back things people have barrowed

I want to empty this drip

And let go of Eden that holds on to me with a death grip

The Garden of Eden was not a place

But an atmosphere

And things are not always as beautiful as they may appear


For Halloween I want to be a morphine drip

So I can crawl backwards through my veins

And nod sluggishly off into corrosion

Mixing this chemical with the rain


I want to be a morphine drip

To plunge into this open rip

Keep me filled to slow this painful trip


Drip into this wrought

And saturate every






Drip until you can only see the whites of my eyes

Please don’t touch me

Because everything that enters me dies

So keep me planted in this metaphoric drip

Because October will soon be gone

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My love is

Deeper than an oceans wave 

To pave a twisters fall

Tides cave

And lovers wave

From beyond this epic crawl

Paradox hold shoulders

Under an oceans rock

And that’s why my love for you will always be

Deeper than any world

A fantasy can unlock

Deeper than an ocean

Happy Mothers Day ❤

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Even robots cry

To dance through a metals wave

To bend iron cast down

Built ships through this junk filled maze

Awaiting rust

Standing still from yester years decay

Rainbows have rain

Rain has dirt

But robots have people 

Who feel nothing

Even when they hurt


Even robots cry

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FYI:  https://mentalnotes1.wordpress.com/2013/05/23/tears-poem/

I call her sad and troubled, she is beautiful and her face has inspired many pieces.

So here she is again (:

 Tears weighing heavy

 Was the crooked tilt of judgments scales

I could feel the rust that sired me in between my harnessed vial

I wanted love but hate was the only boat that sailed

Rotted flint

Air came

Then went

Teasing sensations

That leaned

Then bent


That became

Part of me

Sunk Deep were fragments of

What I used to be

What I used to be

What I used to be

What I used to be

What I used to be

What I used to be

What I used to be

What I used to be

Sunk Deep were fragments of

What I used to be

What I used to be

What I used to be

What I used to be

Rotted flint

Air came

Then went

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Sad Woman - Paint By Number - PaintingByNumbersKit.COM

I met him; I fell in love with him

I knew he wasn’t mines

But he grew on me

Like a 19th century bottle of

Old money kind’a wine

She knew about us for years

And for years she took a back seat

Because she knew without me

His heart was strangely weak

He was a police officer

And in the line of duty, he was shot

I screamed!

Please tell me he is not dead!

Please tell me he is not!!

He laid in the hospital

In that dreadful coma for 20 long weeks

It was not her body he longed for

Between those hospital sheets

It was hard for her to deny

Because she knew if she did not find me

Her husband would surely die

This woman knew he was in love with me

And only wanted her husband to survive

So willing to do anything

To keep her husband alive

She grabbed his phone

Braced herself

And stood up on her feet

She sought me out knowing

His heart was strangely weak

I laid with him

And she approved of me

In that hospital bed

She silently requested help

And pushed me towards his bed

A few days later he awoke

I jumped up from between the sheets 

And it killed her

As she looked on


I was the reason

His heart still beat

Its been three years now

And she is still his wife 

And  everyday

I regret the day

I saved that bastard’s life!

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I am a writer, and the joy of being a writer is having some versatility. I get to write about whatever I want, and hope you, the reader, can find some common ground. “My Avatar” is dark; she is the little girl that lives in me, she is a spoiled, rotten, weird, little brat.  She is all my fears and a product of every person who ever hurt me. She is all my resentments I still work so hard to let go of still today. She is a product of every man that ever broke my heart, starting with my father.

She is the product of a mother who was murdered and a father who was never around. “My Avatar” the character is a lot of things, but most of all she is afraid. She is afraid of you and she is afraid of the woman in me that continues to discipline her. “My Avatar” is more than a little dark. I love this project because it challenged me as a writer to write about something different.

When I read books, stories and poetry I often wonder if the people are anything like what or who they write about. Of course we are our characters on some level.

I had to put this footnote in this book. I had some friends who I trust to critique some of my writings ask me if I was alright. That made me smile; an effective writer should impact the reader. I believe I had done that. My hope is it will impact you the same way it did my friends who critiqued my manuscript. Of course I am ok, just me doing what I love to do, write.

WELCOME TO MY PEACEFUL INSANITYThis Giant Man and Creepy Little Girl | American horror story seasons,  American horror story, American horror story freak


Why give me this body that imprisons my soul?

I Rome this bruised space hiding from my own disgrace

That spills over in my world

That only knows me as a little girl

But I am a woman!

And I know because I have the scars to prove it

I have titts and ass like an hour glass

And puberty has been years passed

But I am still a little girl

And my avatar wants to leave because I won’t let her breathe

Smothering her with my fears of

Today …


And most of all yesterday

But she stays to play anyway



Can’t stand her because

She is protected

By her avatar

My avatar loves to come out and play

While keeping all the bad people away

Sugar and spice was a fantasy that had been reversed

By an evil curse that keeps sick lyrics playing in my brain


Shame is I can’t hide from my hazel eyes

That keep seeing me down this wicked path

Where gargoyles were supposed to make me feel safe

And hide me from my tortured fate

And only they know where I’ve been

As my OCD forces me to repeat things


And over

And over again

My avatar plays double dutch, patty cake, hide and seek

And plays these tapes over and over in my mind sometimes for weeks


That’s when my watched stopped

And froze me right there

For pedestrians to stop and stare at me in my obliviance

Ollie-ollie in come free

Is what they scream at me




While I’m smoking up on yesterday

And my avatar

She comforts me in my


She comforts me

In my deviants


This twisted kiss

I’m hating this

Exposing all this fckin’ shit

The word play

The comments today

Lead me down a path of twisted no where’s

With share and likes

But who is it that really sits behind that pc

From my solace carries malice

But you wouldn’t know just by reading me

Never seeing me but looking thru me

From my reality

My Avatar

She waves goodbye to me

Only a morbid sign

Of rotten chimes

Sounds of angels

But the root is mangled

And I will never be granted my wings

Because off all the bad things I’ve seen

As I watch her play on that wicked and rusted swing

Posting this shit for you to read between what’s caught

The twisted thoughts

A fckin’ sadist

 Is how I made this

Sick game

For her own personal gain



Free me from this dark cloud of razor blades

Anxiety and depression

Living in this lesson

That I tainted with my own haunted files

I only needed her for a little while

Now bats circle my bed

Like a storm brewing over my head

And stewing in suicidal thoughts

Caught in a web

That keeps me isolated

Gabriel keeps trying to get me to journey the map

It’s a silly trap and I remember the road that it traveled for way too long

Singing hate me by Blue October http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ddxgsvjinlu



And none are right so I lose sight

Of what’s right with the wrong

And I listen while crying to Blue October’s song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ddxgsvjinlu

Hate me



Hate me for loving you and losing me

I can’t stand the saying it

It’s gonna be what it’s gonna be

Fckin’ misogynistics!

I risk it

My mind


Get the fckin’ razor blades and just end this fckin’ shit

My avatar sings lullabies as the thoughts slowly persist

Somewhere pass my rain

Getting high on cocaine

While singing

Fuc the world and this little girl

I use as protection

She is my reflection

She is my avatar

My perfection

I muse just to confuse

Traveling roads with agonistic fools

 I was the one who was lost

And left behind

With this ghost

That was not free

Because my avatar refused to grow up with me

My adversaries wanted to marry me and carry me pass my expiration date

But it was fate that tipped the scales

And did all that it could to release me from my cell

Faith led me back to my avatar that tucked me away


In a deep denial 



Confidential and sadistic

If you are lost by these words

You may need to read this again

Because you missed it

Go ahead

Read it again

And relive my insanity


And over 

And over again

If it’s too hard for you to find

Here is a hint

It’s hidden

Hidden somewhere between these twisted lines

Somewhere mangled with the rhyme

I need a hospital to sooth my broken lows

From black coals free-basin’ in my soul

And I need something beautiful

Like henna

Or a wedding song to keep me in my fantasy

Misogynism romances me

Dances with me

Deceives me

And never leaves my side

My avatar seems so free

She laughs at my anxiety

While my OCD has me counting



Since 1983

And they lied to me

So I shower



And over

And over again

And I’m well aware

That I’m fckin’ weird

My avatar keeps me safe

While I live inside this twisted place





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Love itch – Poetry

There is a place

A place of mourning

A mourning for a private thing

A hidden thing

A loving thing

A pretty thing

An intimate thing

A sacred thing

A private something

A needing

For love

And touch

A touch

A kiss

A sloppy kiss

And attraction

A longing


Sexual desire

Deeper than an Ocean – Poetry

My love is
Deeper than an oceans wave 
To pave a twisters fall
Tides cave
And lovers wave
From beyond this epic crawl
Paradox hold shoulders
Under an oceans rock
And that’s why my love for you will always be
Deeper than any world
A fantasy can unlock

Deeper than an Ocean!

~I’ve posted this every year since 2013. I just can’t think of anything more adoring than this poem to post on mothers day 🥰

Deeper Than An Ocean – Poetry

I could look at her eyes and tears and write poetry all day! She has motivated many poems. Artist unknown ❤


My tear drops become a puddle

A puddle becomes a river

A river becomes an ocean

An ocean becomes emotion

Until I am at the bottom of the sea


 Speaking to the spirits

While crying

Crocodile Tears

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Written 5/2014


Even robots cry

To dance through a metals wave

To bend iron cast down

Built ships through this junk filled maze

Awaiting rust

Standing still from yester years decay

Rainbows have rain

Rain has dirt

But robots have people 

Who feel nothing

Even when they hurt


Even robots cry

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She waits

This spoke directly to my soul!

Emerging From The Dark Night

She waits for you

the girl you knew

the one with the fire in her heart

and a spring in her step

Too sad to think we lose the way to this

the most natural


abundant essence

of our inner self

Trying to please

and losing connection

suffering as youngsters the pain of hurt

the sting of rejection

of all that made us who we are

But still this essence of ourself

it is alight

somewhere deep inside

So this I think is most essential

that we recognize the healing potential

of tuning in

of looking back

of feeling the sting

that rings with a truth

too important to deny

So do not lie


or turn away

for if you do

the loss of connection

will continue to haunt you

for the rest of your life

if you do not take it seriously

For all of you life

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"Call these prayer groups Jesus to Mankind and leave the rest to Me." - Monday, September 3rd, 2012 @ 10:08


The Way of The Iron

Dr. Oleksandr (Sasha) Kondrashov

The Social Work Educator

Rolando Andrés Ramos

Writer | Educator

Daily Quotes about Life

"Welcome to our blog, where our goal is to improve people's lives through motivation, inspiration, and education from the world's high achievers. Our aim is to keep you motivated so that you can achieve your goals and pursue your dreams. We are committed to making your day better and encouraging you to be your best. Whether you're studying, exercising, or feeling unenthused, we have the motivational video for you. Motivation may start you on your journey, but it's the consistent work you do every day that will create lasting value in your life. Best of luck on your journey." Happy journey. :)

M.T. Bass

Books, Stories & Musings

Where My Words Bleed

Bits of my soul, lyrically expressed...

Nancy Stohlman

Writer, Performer, Professor

The Anointed Pen Scrolls

Scrolls That Speak Life & The Author Of Life

Wicked Spines Blog & Books

We're two moms who read and review books, work full time and have a dream of opening our own Indie Bookstore.

Carroll County Sports Report

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Book Reviews by the Reluctant Retiree

Looking for My Next Great Read!