Beautiful Sad Girl Face Sketch Drawings Of Beautiful - 1874x1568 Wallpaper  -

My shadow keeps chasing me

Urging me to create

Something Beautiful

An epiphany stiffens me into a dark thought

As I begin to create a Beautiful dialogue

With self

I embrace Serendipity

And I realize

She was

Something Beautiful


Well bloggers, as some of you know I have some how shifted my writing from my past life of addiction to something very dark. My book Mental Notes was published last year and was my liberation. My mission was to expose this dirty disease called addiction and I think I did a great job at that. Then I got my heart broken while learning who I really am. What I mean is God was working on me and I interupted His process and It brought up all sorts of issues from childhood. Things I thought I had burried a long time ago, rejection, abandonment, abuse, fear, fear of what, I dont know. I got my heart broken this year and thus came this little girl I never realized I utilized so much I wrote her into my life and even named her My Avatar.

My first dark poem was “You will stay with me till the very end” This was the beginning of my heart break and this poem SCARED THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF ME! I asked myself, self,  WTF IS THIS CRAZY SHIT YOU JUST WROTE,,LOL talking to myself as I sometimes do (: So, I have been stuck on the dark side every sinse and I am desprate to find my way back to Something Beautiful.

This years life lesson has been life changing. I am  still not certain how grateful I am for them  because it was and still is very painful, but boy, oh boy did I get it this time, the lesson. This is my second time having to repeat this lesson, but I finally got it, life is that way.

So bloggers my mission is to write Something Beautiful and I will!

This is a challenge to self, Something Beautiful (:

Happy New Year, I wish you all the best of everything and I mean that!


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