OCD (Poetry)

I need a hospital to sooth my broken lows

Free me

While my OCD has me counting



Since 1963

And they lied to me

So I shower



And over

And over again

And I’m well aware

That I’m fckin’ weird

I am a complete waist

Stay with me

While I live inside this twisted place


17 thoughts on “OCD (Poetry)

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      1. My pleasure dear friend! By the way I also have my blog page so please do visit that also and share your reviews so that I can also improve myself!✌💕😊💞🤗

  1. Lots of doctors lied to us about OCD. The tips they told me were useless. The best way to fight OCD, (from experience) is with exposure therapy. Beautiful poem! I thoroughly enjoyed!

    1. Every person is different, there is no cookie cutter way of coping with OCD. Doctors seem to think one size fits all, everyone must try what works for them. I don’t have OCD, OCD is just a metaphor for memories. I do however have anxiety and have been told everything from hold my breath to standing on my head. I use a holistic method because doctors won’t prescribed me Xanax because of my history with drug use, so no Narcotics for me 🤣 however Narcotics work best.

      1. ⚠️WARNING, SUPER LONG RESPONSE: I exercise which I absolutely hate but I do try. My sleep schedule is consistent, a consistent sleep schedule is veeeerrrry important for people with anxiety. I value my boundaries when it come to people with low vibrations or funky moods. I stay active with generally happy people. I avoid small petty arguments. I don’t eat a lot of things with caffeine especially when I’m about to enter a situation that will escalate my anxiety. I have a garden of house plants that I do talk to 😊 I have several daily snuggle sessions with my cat. I don’t force myself to enter situations that bring up insecurities however, I do take healthy risk. I’m well aware of my abilities and inablities and I don’t allow anyone to force me out of my comfort/safe zone. Saturdays I go shopping, alone, walk the mall and buy myself something and Sunday after church I stay in bed Netflix and chill all day and recharge for the work week. I have a few good women/ support who value my friendship and dont push me out of my safe zone because they already know, I aint goin’ And lastly I have a support group for people like me and I meet with them once a week 😊

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