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He made me feel like I was in dream

With a lot of gentle

Mixed with a just enough mean

He touched me softly

And my nibbles arose

He even asked me if he could suck my toes

He was nothing like the last man  I choose

He sucked on my nibbles

Like cherries to the seed

I was hungry for this ocean in me to be freed

I rolled over, trying to shift my weight

I wasn’t sure if I was dreaming

It felt like I was in some kind of dream state

He kissed my neck

And he made me moan

He looked in my eyes

Challenging my sensual tone

I tried to get up but he pinned me down

And all I heard was nasty, wet slurping sounds

He had me wet and paralyzed to the bed

His face disappeared and all I saw was his head

Finally he came up for air and kissed me on my face

I pulled him closer because I wanted to taste

And I licked his face leaving non of me to waste

I laid back screaming

Because his tongue felt so good

I really wanted to cum

I really felt like I could

He said

You better not cum

But every emotion in me won

When he went back down

And I began to scream

And I was pissed off when the flight attendant woke me


It was only a dream



Her name flew from his mouth and dangled in the air

She lives in his heart and will always be there

Her name was inches from his lips

The same ones I just kissed

And I’d be fooling myself

If I said he wouldn’t be missed

I looked in his face

And I could see this was no cold case

‘Cause he still loved her

My emotions will have me twisted somewhere beyond belief

And have me so out of touch I’ll be hard to reach

Her name

Her name drifted past my cheek

And stood its position for weeks

And I knew she was there

And he knew I knew

I was drowning in a snap shot

And deserving of every emotion I got

Because I knew he was broken

And he knew I knew


Head on 


Drinking from a half empty glass

And all I could hear was her name

And he and I would never be the same

I try to smile

Going about my day

But my mind is miles

And miles

And miles away

Because I loved him

He called me her name and I froze

I could tell by her name she was who he chose

He is not mine

Please God free me from my insanity

‘Cause all the pieces are with her

That day is a blurr

But what I will never forget

Is that he called me her

I could not pretend

And I dare not give him a chance to do it again







         Play me a tear as salty as the sea

Look into my spirit

And give back all that belongs to me

What used to be

Thrust me a kiss

Puckered insidious upon my lips

Pay me restitution

Giving back all of this


Blue seas

And red knees


Paint my canvas


It was his prolonged rhyme

And his clock like broken hand

But still made time against me

Sitting between my branches

I am waiting for the wind to gather my leaves

And bereave broken limbs dead on my tree

I am something this broken

I can smell your memories

Translucent energies

I am still something this broken

Coffee at my kitchen table still brings mourning


I will always be


This broken


Everything means something

When you’re thrusting through my mind

But what you mean to me

Can’t be defined by nothing

Even with everything meaning something

Anything is never better than nothing

And so I ‘m trusting you


He is

 Dead in my womb

Bruised spirit

Other men can hear it


I can feel the disgrace

Painted on my face

 Calvin Klein suite case


And so

I must!

Pray to something way, far

Up in the sky

To help me


This soul tie

Love me past the pain

And let it rain on yesterday

And the sun shine on today

And tomorrow

I will be full grown

Dark skies encompass my heart

Because for a brief moment we were just centimeters apart

And she held on tightly to my gentle parts

That float

In limbo

Somewhere eon’s out in the hemisphere

I want her gone

The sickening truth is

She is part of my scares

And she will always live here

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