If it’s to be, it will…AFTER THE DIVORCE! (FEATURE)

When you love someone, you must be willing to share certain thing that you believe will save them trouble and grief. That is the nature of this message; it is intended to save you grief. So here goes…don’t sleep with other peoples partners! It’s not nice, in fact it is dangerous. It really isn’t nice and if you’re not careful you will find out just how pissed off they are. I know you think its love. I know you feel this is the one. You are mistaken. The one who is with someone else cannot be the one who is meant for you. Forget what they say. Forget what you tell yourself. It is never a loving thing to do to sleep with someone else’s partner  under any circumstances. So please don’t do it.

 Until Today, a daily meditation By Iyanla Vanzant


He dominated her by four feet

Grabbed her by her hair

And drug her through the streets

She tried the best she could to bring herself to her feet

And she knew




How she wanted to meet her maker

Only God can take her

This man has shaped her

And I can’t awake her

From her reality

His brutality

And still

She stays



Hunts men search this thing out

Looking for the pot of gold

We have been warned

From biblical times

This story is centuries old


Try as you may

To hunt this thing down

And watch evil events unfold

Don’t ignore

The evil this green can bring

It’s a trick that’s ancient and cold


It’s a spirit

You can’t see it or hear it

It wants you tapped into your greed

God said be anxious for nothing

He said he will provide all that we need

It will trap you

Before you trap it

So don’t be fooled by this scheme

It will keep you sick

Weary and tired

Chasing an American dream


If you look back on all who hunt it

You’ll see how lonely they sit

This thing can be deceptive and mean

Be careful when you focus on it


Beware of this thing

Warning signs are hard to be seen

But this thing is clever and keen

It will have you believe

You’re on top of the world

I call it the evil man’s green


This was a dangerous combination

This mangled relation

That confused even me

Hungry for this thing

That challenged the woman who lived in me

To set this little girl free

She keeps trying to suppress  the grown up in me

I’m trying to burry this little brat

Who keeps showing up to see

If she’s the one who is in control of me

She shows up at the most opportune times

Shoving her way rudely to the front of my line

Violently screaming


My heart throbbing with fear

And she proceeds anyway

Daring anybody to get in the woman’s way

She has to have it her way

And sometimes

Not even I can control her

I try not to disturb her

Can’t parole her

Because she is the little girl

Who will probably


Live in me



There was something sinister about her strategic move

He was confused and to say the least



Because she had no belly


She wanted him

He wanted other ladies

She would do anything to keep him

So she lied about having a baby


He was excited and even started picking out names

She had to plot more and more

To keep up with this maniacal game


The gig was up when he called her buff

He cried out in anger

And said

Enough is enough


He took her back


And again

What she didn’t know

Was this time he was out for revenge


He despised her for this outrageous lie

And once again

She begged him to give their relationship one more try


In the end he couldn’t wait to tell her he took another woman for his wife

She broke into their house

Shot him

Shot her

Then she took her own life



To many fish in the sea, stop domestic violence!






I was in a dead zone

And no amount of encouragement could convince me


I wasn’t alone

There was a moan in my soul

And every emotion in me was cold


And my thoughts lied to me


So I did nothing


One day I woke up

And the pain subsided

And joy overrides

This dark emotion


And for a brief second


I was happy



LNI Little girls are scary Edition - Album on Imgur


My avatar loves to come out and play

While keeping all the bad people away

Sugar and spice was a fantasy that had been reversed

By an evil curse that keeps sick lyrics playing in my brain


Shame is I can’t hide from my hazel eyes

That keep seeing me down this wicked path

Where gargoyles were supposed to make me feel safe

And hide me from my tortured fate

And only they know where I’ve been

As my OCD forces me to repeat things


And over

And over again

My avatar plays double dutch, patty cake, hide and seek

And plays these tapes over and over in my mind sometimes for weeks


That’s when my watched stopped

And froze me right there

For pedestrians to stop and stare at me in my obliviance

Ollie-ollie in come free

Is what they scream at me




While I’m smoking up on yesterday

And my avatar

She comforts me in my


She comforts me

In my deviants



Adrenaline whizzed through my veins

And I tried hard to maintain

Some sort of dignity

I had the opportunity to bow out gracefully

But I stayed

My reactions were delayed

And every personality that lived in me

Felt betrayed

Because he lied


Every minute felt like an eternity

I felt the burn in me

Ready to ignite

Every nerve in me was ready for this fight

And I knew I had no business going there

I sped to his house

At a 100 mile per hour zoom

I tore up everything

I went room to room


This was distasteful

I was mean and I was hateful

And it sickened me

This infliction in me

That consumed every entrance in me


But I was already possessed

So I prayed for relief

Because this feeling was way too deep


I was not a rah-rah girl

Just a woman who had been lied to

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