You have transformed me into moments of Raindrops
Sunrays from roof tops
When I was closed you opened my blinds
You let in the sunshine

You put me on your gardens frontline
And vacuumed tears from my rivers rain
You soldiered lillies and butterflies that laid eggs on my windowpane
And slayed every dragon that dared creep into my brain
You squeezed oil from my rot
And brought meaning and love to every painful drop
We hugged each other like microphones
You made musical sound to every agonizing groan
It was music only you could read
It was the air only you could breath
And so
It will always be
And you

I wonder if you knew

That you have one of the most exciting mannerisms I’ve encountered in this physical Dimension

I’ve said it many times before

And I’ll say it 1000 more

I wonder if you knew

Nego True – The Break Up Poem ‘Sometimes’


Nego True has done it again! Just over a month after his poem, Daddy Are You Proud of Me went viral, he has released another spoken word, titled Sometimes and dubbed as “The Break Up Poem”

Nego bares his emotions in this poem just as he did in his last one. He’s given us another poem that we can all relate to (whether we want to admit it or not).

Nego never fails to deliver exceptional quality, be it in a song or a poem, and I can’t wait to see what he has for us next.

Sound like a familiar story to you??

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I love metaphoric poetry! I am really trying to get away from saying what I mean in my poems. I want the reader to scratch their head and ask their selves “what does she mean?’ My earlier poetry “was so direct. This reblog uses imagery to paint the words. Words like coffin, battlefield, clothesline, diatomic, dynamite and my favorite passage, “pack my body in boxes

This is a great read! Below is the direct link.


Hang me from your clothesline

Located in the backyard of your dreams

Wring me out with comments

Make me feel like I too, believe

Sink me in your diatomic waste

Full of constrictor dynamite

Fill me with skewers of justice bombs

Make this too, your flight

Sing to me the corporeal sea

Found in the beaches of Italy

Sadden the daylight counterpart

With dreams of night

Contain the sun

Hidden in your living room

Pack my body into boxes

And sink it into the battlefields

But no matter what you do-

Don’t construct love

The way a coffin

Of indigo waves

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