She was the tear drop that birthed from my eye

That made my smile feel like fire

And cheek bones bloody from desires twisted wire

Cutting beneath how long its been

Purposely planting weeds

That grows vines underneath my skin

She was the crooked laughter

After the last chapter

That made water into rain

And made the journey feel like the deserts terrain

She was the tear drop in my eye

That made winter hot

And summer too cold

She was a tormented thought

Of being 20 years to old

She was the means to two ends

Shrouding knots for a dying amend

She was the ghost in my curve filled eyes

Who should live if I should die?

She was the teardrop inside my crooked laughter



THANK YOU FOR THE INSPIRATION http://shackledandcrowned.wordpress.com/2013/04/12/friendship/




We were like a thousand miles of highway

With never ending transitions

A tunnel

A pathway

To everywhere

I know we’ve been in la-la land

Somewhere far away on our journey to love

Random tokens of affection straddle my shoulder

And trickle down my spin

And I know he sees my silhouette dancing slowly for the moon

And yesterday he made love to me from across the room

And it was beautiful

Like all the times before

And it was nothing fancy but so much more

We were like a thousand miles of highway

Riding somewhere pass the end of the earth


We were…

We were…

Falling in love

We played footsies from across the room

And he smelled me

Because I was his  perfume

And no amount of turmoil could penetrate our portal

We were only mere mortals

But we were in love

When he touched me I felt his protection

This was not about sex

But so much more

We were exempt from…


Social acceptability

Or prejudice

He was my white

And I was his black

And there were no “Grey Areas”

We were in a magic place

We were…

On a thousand miles of highway


I heard the desperation

In a voice that had been dry

Because he was denied

And it was her flesh that cried

He wanted her to see

The man he so desperately needed to be

A chain reaction

Turned into

A fraction


By love


But three doesn’t equal two


And chances are

Things will never be the same

Can she ever really change?

It’s his heart that’s been stained  

By her

And her

And her

And her

He just wishes



Go back


The way

They were


I nurtured him back to life

Because she was incapable of doing it

I reassured him

That I was his mistress

Never with an art

Because the stars where never aligned

At the right time

Tired of loving what could never be mines

Tryn’a separate me from the sin

Knowing this is a lesson

I will never repeat again


I was his mistress



My skin begins telling me things


Only my ancestors were qualified to tell

Living in such hell


It’s my Melanin

That propels me into my destiny

And validates the rest of me

And when the kids used to tease me

About my big nose with big hips and wide lips

And gave me that look staring straight at my titts

I knew it was because of the Melanin

That lay deep underneath my skin

So I would run home

And wrap a towel over my head

With a rubber band at the nap

And pretend to be white

See, I had to fight to believe what I know to be true today

And only age matured me

And my grandmamma adored me

And my skin

I was perplexed by this darkness that

Stared at me in the mirror

That stared at me in the schools

That stared at me on the streets

And taunted me

Even while I was asleep

Smiles behind hidden hate they constantly berate my beauty

My superiority is in my Melanin

Shut up in my skeleton

Is where my power lies

And I will never be so ignorant to hide my beauty

So I tell every little black girl

You are a queen

And never be afraid to be seen

I was my Melanin that pushed me into darkness

And now I understand

That it is my Melanin that propels me into greatness

I can’t hate this

This skin that’s so beautiful

And shines when the sun hits it

It’s my Melanin that perplexes them

I realize

That I love

My skin



As I sit on the river listening to my new found freedom.

And my own kind of mixed up, but somewhat sane thoughts.

What a silent pleasure.

I look out at the water.

The muddy essence of the river clouds my nostrils and spider webs scale my face.

Once hated, now loved by me.

I see couples chit chatting, not really hearing the words but more of a whisper, as they walk holding hands.


There was a time I would have gotten angry; because they would have been sure to blow what I thought was a peaceful ride to heaven.

At this moment I only want to be seen riding into my thought.

Maybe so they can get a glimpse at a confused but somewhat sane mind at work.

As they walk by, a part of me wants them to ask?

“Miss, what are you writing?”

My story would only scare them.

I’m better off left alone to sort out this peaceful freedom on paper.

I am in a peaceful but somewhat dense thought.

This density is going nowhere because I notice there are no stars out tonight.

That’s ok…

Might be…

Some tommorow…

If God wakes me up to enjoy yet another peaceful freedom.

Thank you, Sanity


I said I wouldn’t do it anymore

But as my flesh hit the floor

I couldn’t take it anymore

Scenes started playing in my mind

And my sensitive parts knew it was time

For this stream to over flow

I knew that I shouldn’t

But my thoughts willed me to go

My moans sang a beautiful song

I knew it was wrong

But it had been to long

My fingers hid where sin dared to live

Buried between the snares

Of my public hairs

Was a longing to be held

And touch

And such

And such

There was something that lurked

And every nerve in me jerked

And I prayed

Because I knew I would pay

For this sin

That lied within

Shut up in my bones