Love itch – Poetry

There is a place

A place of mourning

A mourning for a private thing

A hidden thing

A loving thing

A pretty thing

An intimate thing

A sacred thing

A private something

A needing

For love

And touch

A touch

A kiss

A sloppy kiss

And attraction

A longing


Sexual desire

I Searched for You ~ Poetry

I’ve searched for stones
Limping from broken bones
I laid bare searching for something so rare
I stood on peaks vista’s and mountains 
I lowered myself in valleys
I bathed in historical mystical fountains
Searching for you
I walked dangerous terrain
I kept going even while searching with a broken brain
I roamed from day till dusk
This was not about lust
Much more about trust
I was in the muck and mire
Burning with desire
I laid bare searching for something so rare
I honored the sabbath and respected your status
I mantra’d the lords prayer
I prayed while scared
I covered my hair
I lowered my eyes conscience of the devils glare
I searched and searched but the gods weren’t playing fair
I paced the valley of the kings searching for rings and pretty things
I made a declaration to a nation through meditation
I ignored sexual sensations
I refrained from masturbation
I nurtured generations
I promoted positive vibrations
I wrote away self-hatred and internal allegations
While searching for you
I laid bare searching for something so rare
I was overcome with despair
I searched for stones
Limping from broken bones
I was longing for belonging

I was


For you

These poems are all connected ❤

Deeper than an Ocean – Poetry

My love is
Deeper than an oceans wave 
To pave a twisters fall
Tides cave
And lovers wave
From beyond this epic crawl
Paradox hold shoulders
Under an oceans rock
And that’s why my love for you will always be
Deeper than any world
A fantasy can unlock

Deeper than an Ocean!

~I’ve posted this every year since 2013. I just can’t think of anything more adoring than this poem to post on mothers day 🥰

Deeper Than An Ocean – Poetry

Infected By Love- Poetry

I sacrificed myself on the altar and begged God to give me back my soul 

I wondered this wilderness I was lost in the fold

I wrote pages and pages till it became a scroll

Love had games

Hung me by nooses and invisible chains 

I’ve become a walking noise maker from the residue that jingles in my hollow veins 


Love took its toll 

Felt lessons left mud prints in my fractured  soul 

Half of a heart does not make a whole 


Sadness compromised me times 3

Left miles and miles still cleaning up debris 

August was a long month felt like years 

Found myself floating on a life raft

Damn near drowned in my own tears 


Till life felt like a plague 

So I saged

And I saged 
I burned incense

It lingered 

But the hurt still stayed 

I was compromised and delayed 

Rigamortis set in and even the neighbors could smell the decay 


I sacrificed myself on the altar and begged God to give me back my soul 

I wondered this wilderness I was lost in the fold

I wrote pages and pages till it became a scroll

I fasted I starved myself and I paced the floor some more

I talked to myself and searched for riddles beyond hidden doors
I spoke to the gods and whispered to the moon

I cried rivers and layed prostrate singing holy across empty tombs 

I bled myself trying to rid myself of this atrocity
I showed my self approved spewing with generosity

I walked on hot coals I detoxed myself I stopped eating meat

The congregation stood in line while I washed every members feet

I even cut my locs out

But I was still left 




I was without 

I did all this trying to replenish my broken soul 

I will one day find a way out of this deep dark lonely hole 

I’ve been infected 



These poems are all connected ❤

Written 5/2014


Even robots cry

To dance through a metals wave

To bend iron cast down

Built ships through this junk filled maze

Awaiting rust

Standing still from yester years decay

Rainbows have rain

Rain has dirt

But robots have people 

Who feel nothing

Even when they hurt


Even robots cry

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Wired – Poetry W/Audio

Wires Hang me from lines

Feeling my dysfunction

Misused like concubines

Movement sublimes and gesture persuade this tri-polar mind

A thesaurus of recordings memoirs and movies wait cynically for the right time
They all submit to my personalities
They’re listening
Waiting for transistors to align

Always skilled at entering occupied areas

In spite of danger signs


And church can’t sooth me

Secret missions scythe my mind and carve 666 in a pattern down my spine

Behind enemy lines

Camouflaged into the walls

Something dragged me aimlessly down haunted halls

Where faces plague me
Past images degrade me

And force me to repeatedly listen to Blue October

Hate me

My emotions betray me
Then my thoughts berate me
I go adrift and they sedate me
And sensations date rape me

Till I wonder to nowhere

And everywhere

And become wonder woman

Doing 100 on 71 South

Demons position curse word to my mouth

I live in this hell
This hell!

Critically tryna’ blink myself into a southern bell

God made me ugly so He could love me

And you can hate me

I despise ever being born

I’m constantly
And consistently

Begging God

To please relieve me of this thorn


Release me from this mind carved storm

Edited 1/7/2014
Edited 4/9/2019
Edited 3/16/2023

Edited 1/7/2014
Edited 4/9/2019
Edited 3/16/2023

Together Part 7 – Poetry

So we meet
Somewhere between the icy glaciers
Tidal waves
Cutting rocks beneath our feet
Was a sweet rendition
We were left with this condition
Called love
Movement was nil
Heaven was still
And the earth timed out
And still
There was
And me


These poems were actually part of a never ending word play in 2013. The 7 parts are my comments, the writer I was writing with has some pretty great responses also and can be viewed at the link below. I am always looking for ways to keep this blog alive and what better way than to dig up archives from 2013!

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