Cradle the wave.

Because that shadow could be my own life I save.

A preserver to save the very life that may be my own.

Haunted by distant memories of dreams gone horrifically wrong.

That tainted song.

That keeps playing in my mind.

Shunned by the times when I was me.


Stranger in my own skin.

Battles I could never win.

Not alone anyway.         

This is the day that the Lord has made.

I will rejoice and be glad in it….


Some days I can’t rejoice.

Because of that voice.

That says many things that only evil brings.

Preacher says, ride the storm don’t let the storm ride you.

Only God knew about my shoes that always brought me the blues.

Runnin from the tide.

Waitin for the pain to subside.

Is all I can do.

To keep from slippin my feet back in Dim ol’ Shoes.

That will always be mine, ain’t no changing that.

Tracks and all.

Where would I be?

Who would I be?

Without my Babylonian fall.  


I ain’t lost in the times.

I’m just waitin for the sun to shine on my weary soul.

I ain’t moved no mountain.

But I can if I tried.

Just waitin for the pain to subside.

Is all I can do….

To keep from slippin my feet back in.

Dim Ol Shoes.



Thank you, Old Life.









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