Punish me like you hate me

Come back to me

Please wait for me

Stay away from me


I feel your imperfections

Holding me like a vice

Torturing with beauty

I can’t stand them

Can’t live without them

Should I doubt them


Your lies


‘Cause last night you touched me just right

 And squeezed in places that were way to tight

Punish me like you hate me

Don’t be too “Hasty”

 I make “Mental Notes” when I drip

Mental strokes with my hips

I do the most with my lips

Come face me

You never waste me

I love when you get mad at me

Put ‘dim’ hands on me

I am intrigued by your “Morbid Insanity”

Let the lights on

Take my clothes off

Come to me in flames

Touch me with no shame

I am the one who’s wronged you

Punish me with your blame


Punish me like you hate me

Come back to me

Please wait for me

Stay away from me




Blind me with illusions

Tell me another lie

Abuse me one more time

 Fool me one more day

 Anything so I can feel alive

Make the rope tighter

Keep me in bondage with fear

Make me kiss you harder

Lick away my tears

Heat from your eyes

Set everything inside on fire

Tempt every living desire

Soft caresses burning my skin

Then painful smacks

Keep me on track


Punish me like you hate me

But love me like I am rare

The only oxygen you can bear

We love each other

This punishment is rare

Punish me like you hate me


Come back to me

Please wait for me

Stay away from me



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