Troubles stir up, weeds strangle my opened brain

Roaming my veins and senses

I wear the memories

Mind collapsed

Kill the fucker




Mind bent


Time spent





For days



Sluggish nudge

To be hugged

And loved

By drugs and street thugs

Alley tugs

Her spirit

Can you hear it?


Come to me

Come to me!

Come to me!!!!

Come to me!!!!!!!!!!!



I savoir every image

I don’t want to waste it

Running from the anti-Christ

Because I know he will hate it

Using this poetry to sooth my poetic nerves

But the truth is I’m lost without these prophetic verbs


I write until my fingers bleed

Making babies to add on to this poetic breed

And my garden is where I plant these poetic seeds

For all who roam my pastures to meditate and read


So I scribe and plant poetic seeds

I’m addicted to these words

This is my pathetic need

I felt his heart beat

And all I could imagine was my teeth ripping into this delicious meat

I smelled his blood mixed with the rain

And I felt his blood moving slowly through his vein

I felt my blood lust ooze from his kiss

My mouth watered and saliva fell from my lips

This town has long time been warned

The human that once lived in me

It seems like an eternity

And I still mourn

And so I walk with the dammed

Feeding off of the living

Sacrificial lambs

I have been 17 for over five hundred years

And there is nothing that scales this earth that I fear

He is human

And I am a vampire

My blood lust far exceeds

Even my strongest desires


But I love him

I bite him

And I loathe myself

And I will him

To never remember me







How you so easily say you no longer love thee

And you no longer wish to be with me

All I do anymore is weep

As much as I try not to

 I smell you in my sleep

The love we shared always ran so deep

Like Romeo and Juliet

OH, such sweet sorrow

Until we meet again tomorrow

In our case, tomorrow never came

For today and tomorrow shall forever stay the same

As wonderful as love should be

It’s our love that set us both free

Our spirits for no one person could tame

It’s our desperate love that should forever stay the same

For we shall prove our love was never in vain

There will always be the tale of you and I

We will swim with the heavens and kiss the sky

The stars are envious of you and I

And the souls below

 It’s a mystery why we loved so desperately deep

There are many who can only weep

For they will never experience love so deep

For we dared such delicate sin

You and I together souring with the wind

Love a thousand times over could never compare

To the love we so delicately shared

To defy this love I dare


Him and I no one could ever compare

So be careful next time love comes knocking at your door

It will take your heart and so much more


And if you’re not willing to give it away

Then I’m warning you to stay out of love’s way


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This twisted kiss

I’m hating this

Exposing all this fckin’ shit

The word play

The comments today

Lead me down a path of twisted no where’s

With shares and likes

But who is it that really sits behind that pc

From my solace carries malice

But you wouldn’t know just by reading me

Never seeing me but looking thru me

From my reality

My Avatar

She waves goodbye to me

Only a morbid sign

Of rotten chimes

Sounds of angels

But the root is mangled

And I will never be granted my wings

Because off all the bad things I’ve seen

As I watch her play on that wicked and rusted swing

Posting this shit for you to read between what’s caught

The twisted thoughts

A fckin’ sadist

 Is how I made this

Sick game

For her own personal gain



Free me from this dark cloud of razor blades

Anxiety and depression

Living in this lesson

That I tainted with my own haunted files

I only needed her for a little while

Now bats circle my bed

Like a storm brewing over my head

And stewing in suicidal thoughts

Caught in a web

That keeps me isolated

Gabriel keeps trying to get me to journey the map

It’s a silly trap and I remember the road that it traveled for way too long

Singing hate me by Blue October



And none are right so I lose sight

Of what’s right with the wrong

And I listen while crying to Blue October’s song

Hate me


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