The breeze sways to the rain
But my ankles still tattooed a lock to your chain
And I talk to myself
Cause wont nobody else listen

My love is

Deeper than an oceans wave

To pave a twisters fall

Tides cave

And lovers wave

From beyond this epic crawl

Paradox hold shoulders

Under an oceans rock

And that’s why my love for you will always be

Deeper than any world

A fantasy can unlock

Deeper than an ocean

Happy Mothers Day ❤

Grandmamma used to say “little girl stay on these steps”

With an attitude!

Giving me that look to let me know

She was not in the mood

And there is where I always wanted to be

And I didn’t care

Now I want to be anywhere but here

To make this picture anything but clear

So I can be anything but weird

So tired of all these f##ckin’ tears

Wake me from this fantasy I’m in

I want to write a new story

I want him completely washed from my skin

Give me a paper and pin

Leave me

With over a dozen pins

Cause Im’a write and type till I make this right

I’m looking pass it all

I clearly see my midnight

And he will be all mines

Cause I’ll rhyme and mime

To erase this pain if only for a brief time

With every man I invite in

I feel him being washed from my skin

And the invitation is not to my womb

But to that dark place that had become a tomb

Of sorrow and blank tomorrows

Grandmamma used to say “stay on these steps”

But there is where I always wanted to be

Tired of crying wolf just so he could notice me

So tired of this bitter taste

Kissing another man

Truly wishing it was his face

I want him off my skin

So another man can embrace me

And be emotionally free to say yes

When he asks

If he can he taste me





Things are not always as they appear

I loved you from a distance

Because I knew dooms day would come

There were too many reasons to run

Like chasing the sun

See, we were always shades of grey

And I just wanted your pain to go away

But never at my expense

And it will never be the same

‘Cause sensations knows your name

From past games

And she has only her image to sustain

So never think it’s about you…

See from my womanly point of view

She will never want you

The way you want her to

And you will be broken








Tainted by the past

And even love don’t last

Fool of me!

And now…

I wait

And wait

I wait patiently


Him: My stomach hurts

Me: Whats wrong

Him: I don’t know but I got butterflies in my stomach

Me: Its called love

I have no sense of time
For when you came to me in a blackened Knight
A token that was broken
Blind from dangers
And past life
Twisted sighs
Sunken earth and darkened sky
Pieces float to you
And earth has no filter
And years go wither when I came through you
And no headstone can replace a memory
Listened silence
And I wave
And I wave
And I wave to you
When at first I came to you
And a flower is like a hair
Touches nothing from a shadows unseen glair
Life has no form and waters rage deep
Blended pleasures between this storm under oceans feet
Fed daggers
Confused when you take this form
Rushing life from you only births still born
Masturbation lay at my feet
And love sways full moons


Behind every strong man

There is a woman

One of the many roles of a woman is to strengthen her mate

Never cripple him

If your relationship is anything like the image above

Get out!


Love is supposed to make you vulnerable

Never weak!


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