How long can I wait for you

To see the sun turn grey

Your nights running into my days

Waiting for you

Smoke filled tomes

Eyes sealed tight

Turning over graves

From this deadly mixture

And poison filled perfumes

I die

Waiting for you

To fill my heart beat cold

Pressure building from all the lies that you’ve told

And I wait

While this evil consumes me





For Halloween I want to be a morphine drip

To let the sun dry me up

And run healing through this broken cup

But there is no sun in October

And the weather is always better after the rain

The atmosphere is clearer

But the environment stays the same


For Halloween I want to be a morphine drip

And sip on tomorrow

And lend out me

And get back things people have barrowed

I want to empty this drip

And let go of Eden that holds on to me with a death grip

The Garden of Eden was not a place

But and atmosphere

And things are not always as beautiful as they may appear


For Halloween I want to be a morphine drip

So I can crawl backwards through my veins

And nod sluggishly off into corrosion

Mixing this chemical with the rain


I want to be a morphine drip

To plunge into this open rip

Keep me filled to slow this painful trip


Drip into this wrought

And saturate every






Drip until you can only see the whites of my eyes

Please don’t touch me

Because everything that enters me dies

So keep me planted in this metaphoric drip

Because October will soon be gone


Grandmamma used to say “little girl stay on these steps”

With an attitude!

Giving me that look to let me know

She was not in the mood

And there is where I always wanted to be

And I didn’t care

Now I want to be anywhere but here

To make this picture anything but clear

So I can be anything but weird

So tired of all these f##ckin’ tears

Wake me from this fantasy I’m in

I want to write a new story

I want him completely washed from my skin

Give me a paper and pin

Leave me

With over a dozen pins

Cause Im’a write and type till I make this right

I’m looking pass it all

I clearly see my midnight

And he will be all mines

Cause I’ll rhyme and mime

To erase this pain if only for a brief time

With every man I invite in

I feel him being washed from my skin

And the invitation is not to my womb

But to that dark place that had become a tomb

Of sorrow and blank tomorrows

Grandmamma used to say “stay on these steps”

But there is where I always wanted to be

Tired of crying wolf just so he could notice me

So tired of this bitter taste

Kissing another man

Truly wishing it was his face

I want him off my skin

So another man can embrace me

And be emotionally free to say yes

When he asks

If he can he taste me






Things are not always as they appear

I loved you from a distance

Because I knew dooms day would come

There were too many reasons to run

Like chasing the sun

See, we were always shades of grey

And I just wanted your pain to go away

But never at my expense

And it will never be the same

‘Cause sensations knows your name

From past games

And she has only her image to sustain

So never think it’s about you…

See from my womanly point of view

She will never want you

The way you want her to

And you will be broken








Tainted by the past

And even love don’t last

Fool of me!

And now…

I wait

And wait

I wait patiently