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I lay and I think.

Love can happen in one simple wink.

And has many times before.

Love is something we have all explored.

Chances we take.

That either makes or breaks our opinion of love.

Fields of emotions.

Like a rose that we chose.

A risk we take, it’s a big deal because it’s our hearts that’s at stake.

Love is like a fire, arsenal of desire, a whirlpool of devotion, and weird subliminal notions.

Bottled up it’s the heart’s magical potion.

Love can be good; love can be bad, love can be happy, love can be sad.

It’s all up to you.

Just as cool as the wind or as painful as a pin poking at your gut.

We’re so easily caught up in love’s clutch.

Or as beautiful as the symphony or diamonds from Tiffany’s.

Love can be sweet as candy or… fine and dandy.

Or as spectacular as fire works with quarks and perks.

Depends on me and how far my love is willing to see.

My love sees rainbows and daffodils like a roller coaster with thrills and exciting twists.

Or that first passionate kiss.

Have you ever listened and heard like a baby’s first words.

It rained yesterday and guess what I saw?

I saw tear drops constantly fall.

I love the sound of rain.

Love should not mean pain.

I used to think love could meet me on the moon and never would be too soon.

Iyanla Vanzant says nurture love and give it every chance you can.

I choose to vent love through my pen and hope this time love will win.

Love has been a symphony of dreams and I have always been on the losing team.

Love can be a fire hard to tame.

Or fall in love and not even know their name.

Love has no faces and doesn’t discriminate between races.

Love can be paint on a canvas.

Splashes of love.

Overwhelming hugs.

That runs through your veins like drugs.

Love is lily’s and quiet little walks in south Philly or silly little looks.

That’s the language of love.

When I think of love I think of hearts being colored in red or children being told stories before they go to bed.

When I think of love I think of pastures filled with butterflies or teachers teaching children how to make tie-dye.

When I think of love I think of how excited my grandma was when she brought my first bra.

When I think of love I think of leaves changing colors in the fall and couples holding hands while shopping in the mall.

When I think of love I think of angels being sent down to lend a hand or birds playing footsies in the sand.

Love will be here when were dead and gone love has been here all along.

Love is something money can’t buy.

Love has many questions…

But no answers.

So don’t ask love… why ?

Use the universe as your source.

Allowing love to take its course.

Thank you, Genuine Love


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And I just happen to be part of his perfect plan

I’ve been taken to that holy place

But never forget me when you feel the breeze

It’s me kissing your face


And If I could stay you all know that I would

But he’s been calling me home for some time

And it feels awfully strange

Leaving so many loved ones behind

I want you all to know I’m in an AMAZING place

I’ve left you all with memories that can never be erased

Don’t worry I am fine

I’ve lived my life

And it was just my time

Life is as it should be

Cancer was the excuse but the truth is…

Jesus needed me!

We’re born to die

To live

And I gave life all I had to give

I am finally home

I see familiar faces so don’t worry I’m not alone

Please understand


Grieve me and dream of me in your sleep

And I promise you will remember when you awake

And all of you being here today

I want you to know this is no mistake

God is in the midst of it all

My name was in that book and I answered to His call

Smell me while you drive

Feel me in your hearts

Hear me in your children’s voices

Remember me but please don’t cry

Because I AM REJOICING with the lord


Far beyond the sky!


Notice me when the sun shines

When the light flickers

When my favorite song comes on

Feel me when the air is so still

And don’t second guess if I’m there





Live in your hearts...


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We were like a thousand miles of highway

With never ending transitions

A tunnel

A pathway

To everywhere

I know we’ve been in la-la land

Somewhere far away on our journey to love

Random tokens of affection straddle my shoulder

And trickle down my spin

And I know he sees my silhouette dancing slowly for the moon

And yesterday he made love to me from across the room

And it was beautiful

Like all the times before

And it was nothing fancy but so much more

We were like a thousand miles of highway

Riding somewhere pass the end of the earth


We were…

We were…

Falling in love

We played footsies from across the room

And he smelled me

Because I was his  perfume

And no amount of turmoil could penetrate our portal

We were only mere mortals

But we were in love

When he touched me I felt his protection

This was not about sex

But so much more

We were exempt from…


Social acceptability

Or prejudice

He was my white

And I was his black

And there were no “Grey Areas”

We were in a magic place

We were…

On a thousand miles of highway


Her name flew from his mouth and dangled in the air

She lives in his heart and will always be there

Her name was inches from his lips

The same ones I just kissed

And I’d be fooling myself

If I said he wouldn’t be missed

I looked in his face

And I could see this was no cold case

‘Cause he still loved her

My emotions will have me twisted somewhere beyond belief

And have me so out of touch I’ll be hard to reach

Her name

Her name drifted past my cheek

And stood its position for weeks

And I knew she was there

And he knew I knew

I was drowning in a snap shot

And deserving of every emotion I got

Because I knew he was broken

And he knew I knew


Head on 


Drinking from a half empty glass

And all I could hear was her name

And he and I would never be the same

I try to smile

Going about my day

But my mind is miles

And miles

And miles away

Because I loved him

He called me her name and I froze

I could tell by her name she was who he chose

He is not mine

Please God free me from my insanity

‘Cause all the pieces are with her

That day is a blurr

But what I will never forget

Is that he called me her

I could not pretend

And I dare not give him a chance to do it again








How long can I wait for you

To see the sun turn grey

Your nights running into my days

Waiting for you

Smoke filled tomes

Eyes sealed tight

Turning over graves

From this deadly mixture

And poison filled perfumes

I die

Waiting for you

To fill my heart beat cold

Pressure building from all the lies that you’ve told

And I wait

While this evil consumes me



We are 2 people

With one rhyme

4 vision

12 minds

Lost dreams

2 finds

Left once


Rock strong

12 climbs



2 dense

To define

The breeze sways to the rain
But my ankles still tattooed a lock to your chain
And I talk to myself
Cause wont nobody else listen

My love is

Deeper than an oceans wave

To pave a twisters fall

Tides cave

And lovers wave

From beyond this epic crawl

Paradox hold shoulders

Under an oceans rock

And that’s why my love for you will always be

Deeper than any world

A fantasy can unlock

Deeper than an ocean

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