I ask myself the question, am I a blogger or a writer? The answer is simple, I am a diehard writer, It’s in my blood to write. I know without doubt that the universe has writing on my to do list. The dilemma is I don’t have time with school, work, my book “Lost Girls” I am typing up and down time, it gets real hard to post every day. I follow many, but never have time to read them all. There are so many blogs I like and I feel god awful bad when I can’t read all of the content in the blogs I follow. I apologize in advance but on my down time just know I am engulfed in this world of blogging. There are so many great stories and poems till I am overwhelmed with emotion from the realness of it all.  

I’m not real sure which one of these women I follow gave me the bright idea to post date my writings, but I like them both, http://yomicfit.wordpress.com/, http://window2mysoul.wordpress.com/ . Under the publish button where it says publish immediately, you have the option to change the date to whenever you would like it to publish. I think that is awsome and it keeps your blog alive, I have post dated until October 9th, what a brilliant tool.  Another one of my favorite faithful bloggers  http://sagedoyle.wordpress.com/ who has a very strange but interesting character I follow named Wall Grimm,  pointed out there are some really good poems lost in the archives.

Here are a few small tips to keep your blog or writings alive, incorporate pieces from the lost files and keep the people who follow happy.

You can turn pieces of your poetry into haikus’s and also sometimes I want to get right to the meat and potatoes of a story or poem line.  I have incorporated inserts with some good parts of my epigrams or poetry so the reader can get a feel for the poem line. They can always go back and find it if they like the insert, although the insert alone will stand alone and turns into something a little differnt than the actual poem. That is always a good thing, to take a piece of something and turn it into something completley different.

 I love to write and I get so excited to share with you all but I need to give the reader time to absorb the words. As a reader it gets hard to read it all , especially when there are so many post in a day. I may sit at my computer once a week and read the blogs I follow, in a week there are already numerous post.  I am unable to catch up on them all, I’m sure I am not alone in feeling this way. What you all write is important to me so please keep the reader in mind. I think I might start posting every three days after these post I have post dated.

So I ask myself, who am I writing or blogging for, me or the followers? Well, a little of both, but I would like for the readers to absorb my post before I post again. I am learning that is how all my good writings got lost, in all my numerous post,,,,I am going to slow down before I get a ticket (: 

Oh, and if you get a chance check out http://stuffisaid.wordpress.com/ very poetic and abstract writing with meaning, real life social issues and sublims (:

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