Play me a tear as salty as the sea

Look into my spirit

And give back all that belongs to me

What used to be

Thrust me a kiss

Puckered insidious upon my lips

Pay me restitution

Giving back all of this


Blue seas

And red knees


Paint my canvas


I have three hundred and sixty- five and a half reasons why I shouldn’t be at this place

And still I wait…


I carried the weight in my beautifully poised face

And happiness arrived a few days to late

Hard for me to harbor this hate

And still hold on


This beautifully poised face


Goodbye Heroin II

I can’t stop loving him no matter how hard I try.

I will probably hate him until the day I die.

I often ask myself the question why?

He has never been good to me always treated me bad.

Left me ugly alone and feeling sad.

By the way, he’s such a tease.

Cant’ fall asleep without awakening with a cough or constant sneeze.

There’s those days when he’s missing and I need a shoulder to cry.

He was always there but our relationship was one big lie.

I left him once but I felt like I would just die.

I crawled back on my knees.

And he accepted me back without hesitation, he was pleased.

When I left him, I refused him because he killed a friend.

Now I understand why she loved him until the end.

When she was hurting he was the only one to whom she thought she could depend.

I used him and immediately the pain went away.

I remember we began to hang out every day.

I missed him so much because he was always there.

Almost like a game but he wasn’t playing fair.

It took too long to realize he never cared.

I feel like such a traitor, I told her I’d say no.

I saw him one day and we both went toe to toe.

I wasn’t really feeling that good about me.

He whispered try me you’ll feel better I promise you’ll see.

I read one day about the way he met her.

She expressed how good he felt one day in a love letter.

I was scared and for days and days I hid.

But he knew everything even where I lived.

So I fell in love and gave him all I had to give.

It was like I was in a movie no way for a girl to live.

At first I was jealous of their relationship, because I didn’t know.

That eventually all these horrific events would occur.

You the devil…

Yeah, you in disguise.

I bet you never thought we’d break these ties.

How stupid could I be?

I thought he was my friend.

This is my life I’m taking back.

I’ll never let you win.

Devil, you don’t know the strength behind this pen.

That’s why I wrote this poem for everyone to know.

I’m exposing you heroin so take your tricks and go.


You say you tried while I cried.

The guilt was eating you alive.

Because it was me you deprived and still I rise.

Baby, my guns were down even when you weren’t around.

You wanted the streets more than you wanted me.

And whenever you were around I had to beg and plead.

It’s crazy because you knew my need.

You watched my heart bleed and deprived me of my seed.

I waited and waited but a sista’s got needs.

Your mental crown turned upside down every time you walked out that door.

And I’d let you back like I was begging for more.

Walking in our house smelling like a French whore.

But you grabbed hold of me.

Rough like I like it and I got excited and it was hard to fight it.

My passion for you always ran too deep.

But you played me for cheap, thought we were playing for keeps.

As much as I try not to, I smell you when I sleep.

I am done weeping and next time it’s my heart I’ll be keeping.

No matter how much damage you’ve done.

It ain’t never stopped beating!

                                                                    Thank you, Ex.

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