Pixie – Poetry W/Audio

It was a demon!




Sent to terrorize this empty room

She hates me and berates me

At least that’s what I presume


I’ve even given this thing a name this thing is cwwwazzy and dramatic she’s
become impossible to restrain


She has her own personality

Her name is Pixie

And sadly she’s part of my reality


Their like monsters that dance around in strange little groups

Dropping coal mines on my womb

Marching fiercely like military troops


In my mind strange things happen and I am forced to assume

As Pixie dances harder

Between my bloody womb


In five days she’ll be gone

And I’ll be left cleaning up her mess

Because I’m normally prompted to be mean and nasty

Under Pixie’s cramped up stress


When its all over I will give my belly some much needed rest

Trying desperately to hide next month

From Pixie’s curse called


The Parole Board – Case Study #3

The clink-clink noise of the cell is deafening!

I have gotten used to it after 5 years, 60 months, 1826.25 days, 2,628,000 minutes, I’m going to change my life this time.

I know I’ve said this to you God the last time and the other time and the time before that.

I’m going to do everything it takes to stay free!

My name is Noah Ortega I’m a 53 year old Hispanic male, I’m a 3-time felon and this time I’ve been convicted of burglary.

I suspect when my mother named me Noah she didn’t predict I would become a crack head felon.

My cell opens and it’s the CO coming to get me to face the parole board.

I hold my hands out through the bars for him to handcuff me like the animal they think I am, maybe I am an animal.

They open the cell and hand cuff my ankles too, because an animal can’t be trusted.  

I shuffle down the long cement floor, I’ve mastered this walk.

I walk into a large room with 6 agents sitting at a long table with one chair in front of them.

I sit.

I analyze them to see what my chances are.

Four men, one African American, one Hispanic and two Caucasian men.

There are two women who are Caucasian, I’m really doomed!

I do my assessment of them.

They don’t waste any time, they ask me, Mr. Ortega are you guilty?

Have you been rehabilitated?

Yes, you dumb fuck!

Is what my brain says but as gently as I can I say, I am and I feel terrible about the crimes I’ve committed and I’m ready to start fresh, this time away has rehabilitated me.

That’s what they want to hear, that I’ve been rehabilitated.

I said what I had to say and was shuffled out as I walked step by step trying not to fall with the limited space the chains give me at my ankles.  

I had to admit to the parole board that my burglary days were over and they are.

No more smoking crack!

45 days later, I walk out the jail.

The gates look huge as they slowly open.

My journey starts and I feel hopeful.

Soul Ties – 2013 June



He is

Dead in my womb

Bruised spirit

Other men can hear it

Trying hard to sear it  


I can feel the disgrace

Painted on my face

 Calvin Klein suite case


And so

I must!

Pray to something way far

Up in the sky

To help me


This soul tie



3 things you need to know about Sexual Soul Ties

Light lily’s breeze through his buildings

Turning his mouth cotton candy

Was a moon to me that exhaled my essence?

With laughter

From embarrassment


From an hour glass

Timeless image

Faded photograph

That blew butterflies thru my frame

And sat me on pipes thrusting pulsed between my brains

Not even the roughest twister

Can tame

His hurricane

That paints

A picture

Of Her

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Goodness and Mercy – Poetry

I feel there is something

Or someone who or that

Is always there

Watching over and protecting me

They are surely the perfect pair

They aren’t conflicting or argumentative

They are loving

And if you ask me

Much too fair

And even when I was angry

Their love was always there

It’s some Jesus stuff they sprinkle

When things are dark like night

And they will never leave or forsake me

No matter how tuff the fight

There is one thing I am sure of

Although my choices aren’t always right

Goodness and Mercy shall follow me

All the days of my life


" BEST WISHES " original painting palette knife COUPLE CITY GIFT Oil  painting by Monika Luniak | Artfinder

Intimacy crept through our rain

It cradled every



Blew life through this pain

Pieces lingered

Tried hard to remain

We withdrew from every

Dead kiss

Tried hard to sustain

We day-dreamed into bliss

Until only intimacy exists 

It melted into us

Like candle wax

And saturated the deepest wounds

Mending even

The most broken crack

We were



By Intimacy

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