Endless tears

Endless tears fall on seasons

A valley long to describe a kiss

Of blinded bliss

To wish a where

To bend a tare

The deepest parts of my pubic hairs

That left a tear


The Hunter

He hunted me over deserts and tumble weeds
It moved like a bounty hunter and had leads on me
When I last saw him in Dakota in 1846 he bloodied my nose.
I got away on his horse
Posters over dry land.
He searched for me
I moved like a vagabond, running from the ripper
I was a ghost
I thought I had escaped the hunters grip
It scoured taverns, speakeasies and bath houses looking for me
I was clumbsy
Running from the hunter
I was set up
Ambushed by love
It caught me off guard
It checked me
We tussled
Dragged me by my hair
Like a fuckin’ cave man
To the tavern
While the towns people watched in horror
Some laughed and held the wanted posters up
Pointing fingers
It bloodied my nose
I chuckled
Then stumbled back
I spit
Spit my death in his face
And I laughed
And it shot me!
And I bled
And I bled out

He took a shot of that dirty whisky
Hand on gun

Tilted his hat

Looked around
And said…
Pay me

The hunter


Weights heavy like burdens
In search to erase a thing
A thing!
A terrible thing
No amount of love can resuscitate me
To a normal thing
This empty land mind has swallowed my ethos
They look at me as somewhat of a weirdo
With blood on my shirt and dirt in my nails
I have the stench of lonely only the dead can smell
No person place or thing
Can resurrect me
I want to will myself a reset
To erase all the regret
My silence cry rivers and my soul is damned
To something morbid and sadistic
And no song I sing can erase the thing
That screamed at me in a dream to wake
Corners turn curves
To shake awake every unhinged nerve
Scream then disappear
I’ve been hiding from the boogie man
Haunted by memories
I will forever be trapped
In this dream
And no amount of love can resuscitate me


Spanking, clawing, pushing: Women initiate rough sex nearly as often as  men, here's why - Hindustan Times
He chocked and kissed me all at the same time
I creamed!
He covered my nose, my mouth so no one would hear me scream
Sensations brings rivers overflowing a single fear
Startled by revelation hand over mouth with tears
Dripping, wet on his chest
Making even crevices I didn’t know I had wet
And he rested me
And he rested me
And he rested me
Till a river rolled off his lips
My chest heaved laid sweet between my hips
Pain hurt good
Chocked then griped
He stretched my skin wide and opened places in me I had no power to hide
Trying hard not to come but every emotion in me won
And I fell…
And I fell…
And I fell deeply


In the weee hours of the morning

When I’m sitting on the edge of my bed

Dangling my feet

Cold from the absents of your touch

Just know

I’m thinking of you

Heal me

I cry and rub strange parts

The madness ends then restarts

I’m afraid not to comfort my heart

So I wait for things to get better

Oceans Rush

It’s sick

It’s worn

It’s scared

It’s tattered

It’s broken

It’s on fire

It’s traumatized

It’s wounded

It’s lonely

It’s punctured


Broken multiplied by simply fucked!

And frail

It’s aged

Not like fine wine

But like something I can’t explain with this tongue

I’m left with the corners of my pillow

The least you can do God is send me a therapist!

To help gather me!

To help find my broken pieces!

In Ohio!


Delaware and Pennsylvania !

Only God knows where else I am

On highways and corners

On bar stools and bedsides and alleyways !

That’s the least you can do God is send me somebody to help glue my ass back together!

I needed him

You could have took the child molester, the murderer or the rapist!

There was someone more deserving of death than him

God snatched the rug right from under me

I call God a murderer!

Yea, I said it, He is a murderer!

Not even deserving of the capital “H” or “G”

But since He got me nervous and afraid that I will be next

I reverence him

It’s just plain fear!

Not even the good decency to send him to me in a dream for a brief visit!

Just cruel and sadistic!

I have memories in the cracks of my walls

I will drown in this cheap grief

This isn’t even high-class grief

This is bottom feeder grief

Life was not kind to him

I hope for the day

I can smile again


Grief | Inklings and Wonderings


Like life

Ringing through ripples and worlds

Tears made brick

The thought that thinks

I have memories sleeping in the cracks of my walls

And faces urging me to acknowledge them

From beyond these grief filled halls

Swells enter corners of my pillow

So I listen…

For the universe

To tell me

I am not alone

Motivated by: (https://dversepoets.com). 

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