Infected By Love- Poetry

I sacrificed myself on the altar and begged God to give me back my soul 

I wondered this wilderness I was lost in the fold

I wrote pages and pages till it became a scroll

Love had games

Hung me by nooses and invisible chains 

I’ve become a walking noise maker from the residue that jingles in my hollow veins 


Love took its toll 

Felt lessons left mud prints in my fractured  soul 

Half of a heart does not make a whole 


Sadness compromised me times 3

Left miles and miles still cleaning up debris 

August was a long month felt like years 

Found myself floating on a life raft

Damn near drowned in my own tears 


Till life felt like a plague 

So I saged

And I saged 
I burned incense

It lingered 

But the hurt still stayed 

I was compromised and delayed 

Rigamortis set in and even the neighbors could smell the decay 


I sacrificed myself on the altar and begged God to give me back my soul 

I wondered this wilderness I was lost in the fold

I wrote pages and pages till it became a scroll

I fasted I starved myself and I paced the floor some more

I talked to myself and searched for riddles beyond hidden doors
I spoke to the gods and whispered to the moon

I cried rivers and layed prostrate singing holy across empty tombs 

I bled myself trying to rid myself of this atrocity
I showed my self approved spewing with generosity

I walked on hot coals I detoxed myself I stopped eating meat

The congregation stood in line while I washed every members feet

I even cut my locs out

But I was still left 




I was without 

I did all this trying to replenish my broken soul 

I will one day find a way out of this deep dark lonely hole 

I’ve been infected 



These poems are all connected ❀

47 thoughts on “Infected By Love- Poetry

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  1. Your poems are so full of feeling, MN1! And we both skip the punctuation, which I think is cool, one of many things we have in common. Thank you for following!

    1. She did love many wrong people, she kissed a lot of frogs till she found her prince. Thank you for visiting and commenting I appreciate you ❀️

      1. And I have 2 degreesπŸ€¦πŸΎβ€β™€οΈ πŸ€£πŸ€¦πŸΎβ€β™€οΈπŸ€£ I humbly welcome all spell checkers 😊😘 Thank you for visiting and commenting 🩷

    1. Oh no please don’t go, I’m so sorry I must have missed it, I value everyone who comments on my poetry, I promise you it was not intentional and I approve all comments even when they are unsavory. I never delete comments. I don’t see any comments from you other than this one are you sure. ❀

    2. I’ve gone through my comments for the last 2 months and I’m pretty sure this is the first time you’ve commented in this crazy space. Every comment is very much appreciated. I’m gonna head over to your space and see what is going on over there πŸ™‚ ❀

      1. Thank you for replying . I’ve left a few comments since I started following you. I don’t mean to come off as a petulant child complaining but for me, its telling when I never get so much as an acknowledgement from someone. Perhaps they’re stuck in the pending section of comments? Today, I stopped following a dozen sites. Either way, I’ll wish you all the best…

      2. No, I have never gotten a comment from you ever and I’m pretty aware of all the commenters. I am always very eager to respond. None the less I hope you stay but if you don’t I will be sad but I understand. I still think you have the wrong blogger and I have no pending comments and I’m pretty sure I’d remember that owl because I collect owl figurines ❀

  2. The pain sometimes, tho’ long, may feel as fresh as yesterday. Sometimes, one may blame the heart, but is the heart to blame? “Afflictions make a man”, I say to myself. Today’s pain only come to pave way for tomorrow’s praise. Disappointment only comes, tho’ it seems to marr the heart’s shape, yet it will put this heart in shape. In brokeness, we’ll find a better fixing, and when we’re fixed, we become a blessing to all who may be broken. Pain is but a path that leads to joy well refined, especially, when we cross our fingers into God’s.✊🏿

    1. Pain is inevitable but suffering is optional. Ahhh yes, I can always take myself back to the few times my heart was broken. The heart never forgets! I am grateful I have matured with age, I do not play with my heart, I know red flags and I run like hell from them.

    1. Omg, yessssss Deborah! This was definitely before God got a hold of mine as well, it was very nostalgic writing this because of course the heart never forgets. Thank you for commenting ❀️

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