Soul Ties – 2013 June



He is

Dead in my womb

Bruised spirit

Other men can hear it

Trying hard to sear it  


I can feel the disgrace

Painted on my face

 Calvin Klein suite case


And so

I must!

Pray to something way far

Up in the sky

To help me


This soul tie


10 thoughts on “Soul Ties – 2013 June

Add yours

    1. Thank you, nice to meet you Miss Cindy! 🥰 I still have men that haunt me in my dreams and pop up in my mind,
      I hate it! They wont leave me alone *** Soul Ties 🤬

    1. Guuuuurl these men’s spirits linger even after years without our permission. Get on off of me!!! Takes a lot of prayer, take a lot of getting rid of any reminders of them, gifts and pictures and sometimes therapy! Thanks for visiting my space ❤

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