Excerpt: Beyond the dry grass By Seanbidd ( Feature Poet)


The music’s still playing as her feet walk out to the sea,
At the fringe of a life time, as her lips whisper to the breeze,
Does the world turn this calm, or’s it the slow rush of the sea,
Follow me out here, followme deep


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9 thoughts on “Excerpt: Beyond the dry grass By Seanbidd ( Feature Poet)

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    1. This peice is so beautiful, the full poem isn’t available, their pages have been taken down. When I came to WP in 2012 I followed a lot of writers, many of them have been unavailable/ M.I.A. He and I did many collaborations together, this is one of my favorites of his. Seanbid from Austrailia.

      1. Ooh, it’s so sad to lose friends here. The attachment usually grows and becomes terrible to break. Like , I can’t imagine how terrible I’ve felt outside WP when I couldn’t write. I’m glad you retained a fragment of the poem.

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