Sculpting – Poetry

If I could sculpt myself a tear

I’d make it audible

Allowing even the deaf to hear


If I could sculpt myself a tear

I’d paint it purple

Signifying royalty

And make all the blue disappear


If I could sculpt myself a tear

I’d relinquish loneliness

And mix this liquid with a prayer  


If I could sculpt myself a tear

I’d give it an automatic reset

So that it would never be in need of repair


If I could sculpt myself a tear

I would never create it


And salty


This wicked world


30 thoughts on “Sculpting – Poetry

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  1. I wonder, can you taste my tears?
    With your fingers, feel my fears?
    Can you touch me in your head?
    Do you smell me in your bed?
    Can you see me through the mist?
    Vague memories of when we kissed
    I’m with you. You can hear my call
    And yet I am not here at all

    1. ((((((Mr. Richmond))))) It’s always a pleasure when you visit! Thank you for this beautiful peice. Tears hold many things but they also hold secrets and enough salt to season grannies homemade collard greens 😊 Enjoy this beautiful Saturday, spring is on the horizon 💛

      1. I live in NSW, Australia, where today the sun shines (as it has for months) and it’s about 38C (close enough to 100F) – Summer is in bloom and will be for a while yet.

      2. We only have 8 states in total and 2 of them are tiny, but the country itself is about the same size as mainland USA, with less than 10% of the population.

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