Case Study #1 ~ Therapy

Security did escort me out of my therapist office, well 4 of my previous therapist anyway but who’s counting

This was my 9th visit to doctor Hommer Crumb

Hommer Crumb

Hommer Crumb

Hommer Crumb

His name doesn’t scream come talk to me

For some reason I’m always paired with a man

They can’t be trusted around a big ass and titties

We talked about everything and nothing at all

I covered my breast really well, the eagle hoodie I wore to every visit was intentional

Frankly I was bored

Therapy doesn’t work for me

I’m convinced my brain is broken and doctors have planted something sinister in my head when I had my tonsils removed when I was 11

Yea, I was 11, maybe 10

That’s when it happen

The thing

The something


The incident


The situation


It was an event

The dirty deed, landmark 

The happening

The ugly  

I just pretend it was a dream 

Something ugly has happened again

Just my fuckin’ luck

I know its altered the thing the doctors planted in my brain when I got my tonsils removed when I was 10 or 11, I may have been 9

They put cha’ta’sleep ya know

4 or 5 maybe 6 doctors who I spate curse words at are convinced I need to talk about it

I mean…

If security wouldn’t have escorted me out the building this time again I may have gotten to it

But they never gave me a chance

I hate therapist

5 thoughts on “Case Study #1 ~ Therapy

Add yours

    1. It happens but the client is cwwwaaaazy 🤪 who can help a paranoid, distrustful angry client. It takes a very skilled clinician to reach this character. Don’t let the pleasant parts fool you, this character is violent and manipulative but sick. A case study for sure, I like her 😊 she needs a woman therapist otherwise she’ll just keep getting escorted out by security 😦 Thanks for visiting this crazy place and commenting 😊

      1. I hope she finds the right (female) therapist and can build a trusting relationship with her over time. She may never fully trust again, but she may learn to trust enough… You are very welcome ❤

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