Way Side (Written for dVerse Poets)

The night was lost

Drowning in this noise 

Aiming to lose this fight

Lost in the dark of sight

Can’t make out what’s wrong with the right

I passed Sally from 21st and 7th Ave.

There was nothing funny in this world can’t muster up a laugh

Henry and Veronica moved pass me slow and tried to graze my eyes

So I kept walking and talking to the ground

Somebody’s daughter was lost never to be found

Buried in these streets

The hustle and bustle of New York night left me blank in thought

I can’t hear my thoughts

But they whispers to me bad words 

And beat me in my dreams

And reminds me what’s wrong with this night

That I’m mangled with these streets can’t win this fight

And I can’t keep sharing my whiskey with Henry and Veronica only makes things risky for a drought

And I howl mamma’s favorite 70’s song to the wind and tell New York traffic my woes

I give pedestrians the blues just for show

I can’t wake myself


This life takes too long

And reminds me

I’ve been left by the wayside



17 thoughts on “Way Side (Written for dVerse Poets)

Add yours

      1. ❤ LaToya ❤ ~ I hope you do! It's really hard to keep up with everyone's blog, but I do try to at least visit the ones that participate in the same prompts that I do!

        Much love,

    1. Thank you, I appreciate your comment. People are out here in this world doing the best they can, we can, with the hand they’ve we’ve been dealt. It’s important to be kind to one another no matter a persons status ❤
      Thank you for visiting, please come again ❤

  1. That first line is so powerful and sets the tone for the rest. I got tingles up my spine hearing you read and then reading the words again. I hope to see you at dVerse again. Your voice is strong in its sorrow.

    1. Thank you for visiting, when I read the Beat poetry challenge I was sure I could write something raw. This world gives one plenty to write about. I look forward to the next challenge 💛

    1. Wow, it’s a lot to unpack in your poem, so much sorrow and pain. Thank you for sharing the link with me. I’m sorry I missed this comment. I definitely try to respond and visit others sites. I will definitely have to read your poem again because like I said, it’s a lot to unpack.
      👇 👇
      “Each light burned so brightly, then each burned out,
      all flames are gone.”

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