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Trójkowy Ekspres - David Bowie & Iman by Bruce Weber, 1995. | Facebook

We were like a thousand miles of highway

With never ending transitions

A tunnel

A pathway

To everywhere

I know we’ve been in la-la land

Somewhere far away on our journey to love

Random tokens of affection straddle my shoulder

And trickle down my spine

And I know he sees my silhouette dancing slowly for the moon

And yesterday he made love to me from across the room

And it was beautiful

Like all the times before

And it was nothing fancy but so much more

We were like a thousand miles of highway

Riding somewhere pass the end of the earth


We were…

We were…

We were falling in love

We played footsies from across the room

And he smelled me

Because I was his perfume

And no amount of turmoil could penetrate our portal

We were only mere mortals

But we were in love

When he touched me I felt his protection

This was not about sex

But so much more

We were exempt from


Social acceptability

Or prejudice

He was my white

And I was his black

And there were no “Grey Areas”

We were in a magic place

We were…

On a thousand miles of highway

36 thoughts on “A THOUSAND MILES OF HIGHWAY – Poetry W/Audio

Add yours

    1. You were my muse! I haven’t written since my book was published, all my post were things from old notebooks. Thank you for your motivation and visiting ❤

      1. Ah! I’m flattered!
        Listening to you speak, makes me giggle at certain times. Probably the times you intended a grin.
        Well done. Very well done and thank you for your ridiculous support.

  1. There’s a lot to find on a thousand miles of highway, living worlds, the crackling whispers of the wind. The sounds it makes beneath our feet, where some are stone and rigid, others loose with dirt and dust, but it’s the open ones, the highways of grass and trees. A thousand miles of changing landscapes, a thousand miles of life’s stories loved. Fantastic to feel the life of the fresh lines above, and your voice bring them to life in the mind.

  2. The ‘listening’ of this –
    what an enjoyable experience that was,
    and it really brings out the black and white point you are trying to make.

    And so true, some days making hay is so much more preferable than making ‘gray’ –
    Gray can just be so much darned work!!

    Wonderful reading 🙂

  3. I love this for the beauty, the adoration, the freedom.

    ‘Random tokens of affection straddle my shoulder

    And trickle down my spin’

    These lines are fantastic; ‘trickle down my spin’ is going to stay with me for an age. 🙂

    Thanks so for following my poetry blog!

    1. I loved him on purpose and it was beautiful! He died in a car accident many years ago but he will always be remembered. He was my white and I was his black and there were no grey areas ❤

  4. ‘A thousand miles’ features a lot in poetry and lyrics, doesn’t it. I’m reminded of this – some Australiana for you, old Oz surfing song.

    Gypsies ride from wonderland
    I took my horse down to the sand
    Underneath a thousand miles of sky
    I watch the waves come tumbling down
    And heard so many different sounds
    Cleared my head and eased my worried mind
    Capricorn dancer
    Im riding to shelter
    Show me a sign
    Lead me on to the tropical zone
    Diamonds scattered out to sea
    The sun keeps laughing down on me
    This crazy horse is trying to chase the wind

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