Dis-Order (Poetry)

I eat to make the pain fade today
And the dragon in my belly
Plays monstrous villains
Till all my emotional scares fade away
You’ll never understand why I eat the way I do
Don’t try and diagnose me
Because I will eat you away too
I will vomit till my face turns blue
Tryna’ forget that I hate you
And that I hate myself too


11 thoughts on “Dis-Order (Poetry)

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      1. Thank you! You possesse that special poetic talent, and I know that-which I’m creatively proffering!

  1. Our longing for that unconditionally nurturing, available mother never ends and we carry it ancestrally this is what occurs to me most when I read your poem.. Marion Woodman believed many with eating disorders carry generations of female rage.. I can identify with that but at its heart is a pure thing.. hard to describe but it occurs to me as I read this very powerful poem of yours.

    1. This was a perplexing write, a confusing and extremely misunderstood disorder. Even the most experienced professionals are baffled. I worked in a facility and very closely with a young lady who had an eating disorder. I think you summed it up in your opening statement “Our longing for that unconditionally nurturing” they want love and all of it! I still don’t know what’s at the core of the disease because it sure is not weight.

      Thanks for visiting and for your honest assessment ❤

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