You don’t have to be a writer to write well.


Coffee With Noor

  1. Make sure you don’t accidentally replicate any any words.
  2. Use the right punctuation?
  3. Proofread yrou sentences.
  4. Don’t use excessive commas, otherwise, as expected, your piece, unfortunately, won’t be as effective.
  5. Don’t make a sentence longer than it should be, because this will make the reader question where you’re going with the topic of the sentence, and this would be detrimental to the point of the piece, so be careful and heed this point.
  6. Allow your own voice to shine through in your work. Enough said.
  7. Write with conviction. If you believe in what you write, chances are that the reader will believe in it too.
  8. Try or attempt not to use or write additional or extra words where you could have said or stated it much more simply.
  9. Don’t drift from one tense to another, otherwise the reader was confused.
  10. Enjoy the creativity process!

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