Together – Never ending word play/ Comment section by this writer and Sean





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      1. Not sure what world I’m in at the moment, but I missed this… Yes, word play back and forth feels good as an aspect/approach to writing.

        Recently, like in just the last week, I’ve been following a couple of poets, Charlie Martin, and River Urke. They’re set to release a book and CD of duel poetry (I think River describes somewhere, Duel as where each writer takes a turn, and turn about to write one line at a time to build the poem, the story, the conversation. But this is what I was listening to last night..

        I read, and listen to the above, and I just felt lost in their words, like a story on the wind.

      2. In the vastness of its vacancy
        A world born to roam in life
        Can always lift upon raw thermals
        To climb across the face, like
        Coffee vapours on a
        Turkish winter’s morning
        Just near the cusp upon the rise
        To wait upon a midday moon
        Where the afternoon will creep
        Beneath the fading places
        Where wisteria finds in its climb
        A Turkish winter Sun and Moon

      3. Midday waits on a still noon winter
        Covering only
        And you
        Sired to a glaciers wall
        We become one with nature
        All over my body
        Water falls
        You blew life into my name
        And kept garland growing inside my hollow veins
        And so
        Here we are
        And you


      4. In a land of tidal seasons
        Fresh beneath
        The ebb
        The flow
        Between the glacial
        In warmth’s
        Chilled nights
        Beneath ice blue light
        Falling within momentum
        The river cracks back
        To Take hold
        Towards the salt
        The water
        A vast other world
        Till in it’s winds

      5. It was my inner purple
        That translated


        Into signals.

        You stimulated my glow
        Created waves
        And made my juices flow
        You hand molded me into the sweetest kinda’ cookie dough
        I melted into your milk
        And crafted the smoothest pattern
        Felt on me like silk
        And so.

      6. Like the dry air,
        Near the fringes of the storm
        Arcing between sky and earth
        Where words, lines
        They intertwine
        Like time and wine
        But never bottled
        To flow in colour
        Close to four seasons
        Shared experiences
        Chile crossing creeks
        Vast, peaceful, tame, wild waters
        Wild waters

      7. Seasoned calls
        From behind a threshed morning
        A handwritten endeavor
        Engrained forever
        That’s quilted into his main
        Love put years on happy
        And on his 97th birthday
        We sat
        We rocked
        And listened
        To the stars
        Make love

      8. To drift slow across the vast
        The way climbing above
        Evening’s turning horizon
        Spoken words, untainted ink
        Tongues twisting, intertwining
        Words waking to a rocking
        Sound, seasoned to the taste
        Of language versed
        Tangled, intertwined
        Upon the
        Ripples of earth
        Colours through space
        Time confetti
        Rock embrace
        Many seasons
        Crossing full
        A Moon’s

      9. You have transformed me into moments of Raindrops
        Sunrays from roof tops
        When I was closed you opened my blinds
        You let in the sunshine
        That had a keen fragrance of the rain
        You soldiered lillies and butterflies that laid eggs on my windowpane
        And slayed every dragon that dared creep into my brain
        You squeezed oil from my rot
        And brought meaning and love to every painful drop
        We hugged each other like microphones
        You made musical sound to every agonizing groan
        It was music only you could read
        It was the air only you could breath
        And so
        It will always be
        And you

      10. Slow the long timbers,
        The floors, no longer splinters
        Polished where weather breaks
        Stories as long as a river soaks
        To turn southwards, north
        Spring forth from soured earth
        Deep in rain, fathoms high
        But still to stand with the tallest
        Of trees, of mountains, of highest
        Clouds bequest the honey dew
        Where fruit, their flowers bloom
        The velvet lace of floral valleys
        Welcoming the humming birds
        In places dragonflies wait, pause
        To hear you in flight
        Above the petals
        Drifting, you
        upon the fire of the floral sea
        Where mountain skies rage
        In their storms, their glacial flows

      11. Wandering this vast place
        I’m not lost
        I really miss
        The way your lips feel on my face
        Was church on fire today?
        I know pastor really got on your case
        Its been a while sinse I seen him too
        Syria’s got trouble ya know
        I thought I’d be out of here soon
        President Obama
        He said a coupla months
        I hope its true
        Tell Jordan mommy will be home
        Real soon
        But no matter what happens
        It will always be
        And Jordan

      12. Yes,
        Love, not war,
        And Jordan
        Far from the shadows
        Of the long reaches
        Peace in love
        Hand in hand
        Lips together
        To touch skin’s
        Sweeping curves
        In the tender warmth
        A walk through
        Jordan’s markets
        Conversations leaping
        From our tongues
        To savour
        The moments
        Our feet deep
        In earth’s
        Soulful dirt
        And Jordan

      13. Love built bricks on her relic
        fragments so old it was hard to sell it
        it was the twisted lip
        That was hard to the kiss
        Waste a dip with hands on her hips
        Balled up fist
        Neck at a twist
        ” Cuz can’t trust no Missta Nice guy”
        She walked this maze
        Broken into forevers daze
        It seemed like her
        And bitter
        Would live forever

      14. Curves be the river
        Her banks
        Her rich skin
        Her tender lips
        Where waters run
        Bridges abide her soul
        Hand in hand is her crossings
        Their piers reach deep
        beneath the soulful earth
        Where gatherings collect
        For she is a river
        Jordan her name
        And in peace flows her love

      15. So we meet
        Somewhere between the icey glaciers
        Tidal waves
        Cutting rocks beneath our feet
        Was a sweet rendition
        We were left with this condition
        Called love
        Movement was nil
        Heaven was still
        And the earth timed out
        And still
        There was
        And me

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