I write until my fingers bleed

Making babies to add on to this poetic breed

And my garden is where I plant these poetic seeds

For all who roam my pastures to meditate and read


So I scribe and plant poetic seeds

I’m addicted to these words

This is my pathetic need

21 thoughts on “PATHETIC NEED (POETRY)

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  1. There is nothing pathetic about it : ) I have been, by some of my younger friends, dubbed with the term “crack monkey.” This is in regards not only to my writing projects, but all or most endeavours in which I persevere. I believe this is a reference to animal experiments by behaviourists purported to have been done in the 1980ies. These are said to have involved rhesus monkeys and soluble cocaine. The way the term has been explained to me, even though these experiments were not performed using the afore-mentioned variety of the drug, “crack monkey” has more of a “ring” to it and so has “caught on” as a term in pop culture.

    As for me, there is, I will admit, a ring of truth to this nickname. However, I assure you, I do try to stop and rest before my fingers begin to bleed.

    Really I do.

    I can quit whenever I want.


      1. Thank you. I am sorry that I have not been visiting you and my other wordpress friends as much as in the past.

        By the way, on a completely different subject, may I ask if you are left-handed?

      2. I see. : ) I did not intend to question to be at all “creepy.” I can assure you that neither is there anything supernatural involved. It was just a guess based on several things relating to human wiring in general. For example: Left hand indicates right brain and vice versa. Flipped processing priority indicates this. Not to mention that you do the “smiley” back-to-front from the way it is most often done. There are other indications but they are generally kissing cousins of the right-brain/left-hand type of thing.

      3. You probably will find it if you edit any of my comments. But, just in case your site is configured differently than mine. I only check it about once a month or so, so please do give me a “heads up” so to speak, if you send me something you’d like me to see and/or respond to in a more timely fashion. : )

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