3 things you need to know about Sexual Soul Ties

Light lilly’s breeze through his buildings

Turning his mouth cotton candy

Was a moon to me that exhaled my essence?

With laughter

From embarrassment


From an hour glass

Timeless image

Faded photograph

That blew butterflies thru my frame

And sat me on pipes thrusting pulsed between my brains

Not even the roughest twister

Can tame

His hurricane

That paints

A picture

Of Her



  1. All in the title of the wind, with its sound of colours to time. Have you ever stood in a strong wind with someone, and just listened to the sounds, the music of the wild as it wraps around the other person? Sometimes, if there is enough particles caught up in the air while a couple are dancing in such conditions, you can take turns seeing how the wind traverses your bodies and face, and maybe… For just an instant, the wind, the air, the dust of the earth comes to life, but don’t blink or you’ll miss seeing you, a three dimensional reflection of life in motion.

    The above is just a dreamer’s thought on the wind, it may not be entirely true, or it may be there to see for much less than an instant.

  2. I like! I especially like the surreal images and the way you play with alliteration – “blew butterflies” and “Exhaled my essence…” to name a couple. Wow your poetry arouses all the senses! 🙂

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