Love me past the pain

And let it rain on yesterday

And the sun shine on today

And tomorrow

I will be full grown



      1. You do great! I like your voice btw. It makes it more personal and creates more emotion! It definitely keeps it alive! Thanks for sharing ^^

  1. Reaching between the red cracked clay, Where the rains passed last wet season, Parched now waiting once more, For the dry, the drought to break, To hear the laughter on the old tin roof, In the long pause, To hear fresh again, The waters edge pressing at the front door, To bring on the wildflowers once more, Their dreamy scents, Sounds of colours out beyond eyes reach, Sit with me awhile, To take it all in, A summer of wildflowers…

      1. Thanks, Latoya… If you like… Every so often I get a word in my head for a week or so, and “Wildflower/s” is the word at the moment. First used it in a poetic comment on the post of a writer friend recovering from illness.

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