“I would love if my blogger family will reach out to someone new…or someone old a blogging friend you admire…and ask them to do a poetic duet with you.  On April 25th I will showcase all the duets you ping back here to this post”. Here is her link to the challenge http://hastywords.wordpress.com/2013/04/14/help-me-celebrate/

The above is Hasty’s request for her one year anniversary in blogging and

I was more than happy to meet the challenge

This is my 2nd duet done with the very misunderstood http://morbidinsanity02.wordpress.com/2012/12/03/nonsense/


Darkness engulfs my ancient soul

Pharaoh overtakes me and bleeds my heart cold

Snipping at me with invisible shears

All made of bitter tears

 Nights and days I scream and cry

 But no one hears…

Nobody asks why

Nobody sees…

My insignificants

That breeds magnificent

How did I get on the wrong side of this voyage?

I try to explore this

The tears that I cry


Nobody sees them sprout out of me!

 All I have suffered until today have made me this that I am!


I look for transparency

But all I encounter is my own insanity

A lack of humanity

Even I misunderstand me


I wish I could have someone to weep with me my immense grief

 Making me stop floating in fear

Oh I wish I could cry this I feel inside!

But I can’t get out of this dark valley I hide


I wish I could have someone to weep with me my immense grief

Making me stop floating in fear

But all I have is…




 With my huge pain
The pain that have made me this that I am

Oh I wish I could cry all this I feel inside!

 But I can’t get out of this dark valley that I hide



Add yours

      1. Cheers, Toya… All good on that count, I didn’t think the 2am part I wrote was going to work, being that I was half asleep at the time. Enjoy your sleep.

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