“I would love if my blogger family will reach out to someone new…or someone old a blogging friend you admire…and ask them to do a poetic duet with you.  On April 25th I will showcase all the duets you ping back here to this post”. Here is her link to the challenge http://hastywords.wordpress.com/2013/04/14/help-me-celebrate/

The above is Hasty’s request for her one year anniversary in blogging and I was more than happy to meet the challenge

My duet was done with the very talented http://kipwalkin.wordpress.com/ and sinse we wrote this just today April 22

My birthday (: and also earth day I thought it appropriate to metaphorically write

about the world, the love in it and the lack of love for it


Waste not what love has spilled

 From Kentucky to Pennsylvania

 With love filled thrills

 The world has measured me weird

Like the clouds cover the sky

And the sunlight pierces the scene

This feeling gets me so high

And engulfs me from within

Loves river overflow and this tide won’t let us show

The places love has taken us





Only spirits dare to go

The unrelenting dynamics

In the workings of love within the heart

Steers the intangible mechanics

Of undying passions through sacred parts

Weird as it may seem

When tranquil

 Thoughts grow wings

And depart to paths serene

Away from the dirt reality flings

Only God can set this scene

That covers the earth so green

Adam and Eve began to scheme

The love I am speaking of

Has become an evil dream




    1. There is something strangely intimidating about that “YAY” LOL AND THANK YOU FOR THE B-DAY SHOUT OUT. I GOT IN ON THE DUET ACTION A LITTLE LATE BUT I’M RUNNING WITH IT.

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