13 ‘0 clock was where my watch stopped

Living pass my hour glass

Repeating this mantra

This cannot be it

What happens after the brand new car, fancy job, the friends, published books and the degree I always wanted?

I ain’t happy and my thoughts lately have been…THIS CANNOT BE IT!



  1. You’re right–none of those things are “it”! If we depend on possessions, achievements, even other people to fill our lives with all the meaning and joy they need, we face disappointment. From the outside, I know many who look like they have it all. From the outside, there are some who might think that *I* have it all–yet it would all be worthless without Jesus as my anchor, Savior, center! I’ve lived in times of little and times of plenty; the joy I’ve found in all situations is seeing and knowing God’s faithfulness and love.

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