Ain’t no fun when the duck got the gun

Like Lauryn Hill said

“You might win some but you just lost one”

Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide

I pray your pain is continuous

I want my wrath to be verminous

Nobody wins in this

Yea, I’m taking you on this tragic ride

I wanted to tie you up

Drag you to the Susquehanna River and drown you

But God may have gotten clever and baptized you

And I want you on the other side

My pain will never subside

You a damn lie

Always complaining about how hard you tried

And now I’m running

You pissed me off

 Played me for soft now look what it cost

You better pray that your soul ain’t lost

I know you feeling cold

 And it would give me great pleasure to watch your body mold

Yea your girl is cold

You wound me up tight

Caught you off guard no way to prepare for this fight

No recess or resets, we ain’t on set

Should have known you was no good the moment we met

Too late for apologies ‘cause you’re dead to me

The red looks good to me

You done released the CRAZY in me

I got your wife tied up in the basement just so she can look at me



Y’all took too much from me

I had to kill both of you and it’s destroying me

But I wake up and realize it wasn’t real


I’m too soft, and it just ain’t in me to kill






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