Hunts men search this thing out

Looking for the pot of gold

We have been warned

From biblical times

This story is centuries old


Try as you may

To hunt this thing down

And watch evil events unfold

Don’t ignore

The evil this green can bring

It’s a trick that’s ancient and cold


It’s a spirit

You can’t see it or hear it

It wants you tapped into your greed

God said be anxious for nothing

He said he will provide all that we need

It will trap you

Before you trap it

So don’t be fooled by this scheme

It will keep you sick

Weary and tired

Chasing an American dream


If you look back on all who hunt it

You’ll see how lonely they sit

This thing can be deceptive and mean

Be careful when you focus on it


Beware of this thing

Warning signs are hard to be seen

But this thing is clever and keen

It will have you believe

You’re on top of the world

I call it the evil man’s green

8 thoughts on “EVIL GREEN (POETRY)

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  1. I have (although I am not one of them) met some extremely wealthy people as one often does in my line of work. I will say that, with only one exception thus far, they do not love money; they do, however love achievement and the act of making things happen. They may make a lot of it, but their love is the “stuff” they do or make. They see possibility where most people see limitation. It really is quite remarkable. Particularly so, when you do meet a number of them and can no longer thing of them as less than human. I realise this is an unpopular opinion these days, however it is the truth borne from my observation of such people actually engaging in the act of doing … whatever it is they do.

    One is also quickly divested of the notion that what they do is simple or easy. To see, for example a huge pile of scrap metal and turn it into a fleet of farm machinery.–just the act of seeing it in this way is very difficult for most of us. I have tenuous gifts in that department, but i have seen it in action, to be sure. I am fortunate I have other skills. Although….

    I will say, one such couple; for they were man a wife working together in a very interesting industry, felt certain that I could do as they have done. I would just need to put my whole effort into the task. But that task includes the much much more difficult task of seeing a pile of limitations and restrictions and roadblocks as a gleaming field of opportunity.

    Now here, is where I ask all of you nice young people not to excoriate me for sharing my experience with you. I promise you this is what I have seen. And I am certainly no entrepreneur or business man. I work with abstract symbols that also take a long while to apprehend. But such things are, i think, better suited to my temperament. And… well… someone has to do it, do they not? : )

    Now, if I am wrong about this next… please do not throw a brick at me. But it seems to me that, In your rather powerfully charged poem, Latoya, I see evidence that, at least on some level, you may instinctively understand all this already, even if you may not have framed the matter in such a way.

    In this, I am quite impressed. It is much more difficult, and hence much more admirable that you can do so without having met people such as I describe, if indeed you have not. And, naturally, if you have met such people, you will have already seen them do as I describe above.

    And… I probably should apologise for “going all ‘Napoleon’ Hill on you!!” as goes the saying.

      1. Thank you, and you are welcome! Quite.

        I also thought it was very clever of you to include the original quote which speaks not of money being the root of all evil, as it is often misquoted, but of the LOVE of it. There is quite a distinction between the two! I was impressed that you knew also.

        I spoke of you at length to a very brilliant friend of mine this evening at dinner. And showed him some of your writings. He had his tablet which made it easier. The restaurant had no WiFi, but we used my phone as a wireless tether. I do love the 21st century! : )

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