There was something sinister about her strategic move

He was confused and to say the least



Because she had no belly


She wanted him

He wanted other ladies

She would do anything to keep him

So she lied about having a baby


He was excited and even started picking out names

She had to plot more and more

To keep up with this maniacal game


The gig was up when he called her buff

He cried out in anger

And said

Enough is enough


He took her back


And again

What she didn’t know

Was this time he was out for revenge


He despised her for this outrageous lie

And once again

She begged him to give their relationship one more try


In the end he couldn’t wait to tell her he took another woman for his wife

She broke into their house

Shot him

Shot her

Then she took her own life



To many fish in the sea, stop domestic violence!







    1. Most of my story form poems more times than not are from real situations. This one is about a young lady that pretended to be pregnant to keep her man. I just tweaked the ending, because she was jilted, she broke into her “EX” boyfriends house and he was there with his new girlfriend, and needless to say she had a one way ticket to jail. He is alost 50 years old and no children and he was not happy about being lied to.This thing is not an unusual story, domestic violence happens all to often. Sad really, the first time I ever got my heart broken my grandmom said to me, there milions of women living in the world without him, why cant you! Thanks for visiting Carolyn (:

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