Adrenaline whizzed through my veins

And I tried hard to maintain

Some sort of dignity

I had the opportunity to bow out gracefully

But I stayed

My reactions were delayed

And every personality that lived in me

Felt betrayed

Because he lied


Every minute felt like an eternity

I felt the burn in me

Ready to ignite

Every nerve in me was ready for this fight

And I knew I had no business going there

I sped to his house

At a 100 mile per hour zoom

I tore up everything

I went room to room


This was distasteful

I was mean and I was hateful

And it sickened me

This infliction in me

That consumed every entrance in me


But I was already possessed

So I prayed for relief

Because this feeling was way too deep


I was not a rah-rah girl

Just a woman who had been lied to



    1. Thank you sean, I was pulling strings with this peice because it had been a few days sinse I had written, so I guess it turned out ok if you commented (: I value your comments, thanks (:

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