There was a paradigm shift

That came way too late


I was already




      1. I’m getting there…closer and closer.
        Ill be updating “Colors” tonight, and “Glass Candy” tomorrow morning – if everything goes as planned.
        Wordpress takes up too much time unless you take a step back and place it where it belongs in your life.

      2. I understand, I do! One post takes me an hour because I have to edit, review and edit somemore. I got rid of fb because wordpress was more rewarding. Then I follow quite a few blogs and some I am a diehard for. So take your time, I know it is coming soon (:

      3. Facebook is a joke, anymore.
        Rewarding? Most definitely, WP is.
        People like you are what makes it worth it for me, not my family.
        It’s ok that my loves don’t share my interests. As long as its not discouraged, but rather encouraged (which mine are), it’s all worth it. I get to meet good, like-minded people, like yourself.
        Friends, in their own right.

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