I waited for her to walk in the door

With her ghetto diction

She was my affliction

My addiction

And the reason why I was stricken and sickened

And plagued by her rage that went way beyond adult age

I gave her the keys and offered her other things

That was dear to me

And taunted the other me

I was tempted to walk away

But I played the fool and stayed

Another day

And another

And another

And I was wrong because I stayed way to long

I was fighting with the knot that gripped my soul

And I knew she was the reason I was old and alone

No one ever told me it would be like this

Once I kissed her majestic lips

Frozen in a matrix of denial

And still






  1. Wow, this poem resonates very beautifully! And it radiates strenght and wisdom and self-awareness. Seeing that really made me smile because that strenght will carry you. It is better to know yourself and struggle than to live your whole life without getting to know yourself at all. That would truly mean being lost. Peace and love.

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