As I sit on the river listening to my new found freedom.

And my own kind of mixed up, but somewhat sane thoughts.

What a silent pleasure.

I look out at the water.

The muddy essence of the river clouds my nostrils and spider webs scale my face.

Once hated, now loved by me.

I see couples chit chatting, not really hearing the words but more of a whisper, as they walk holding hands.


There was a time I would have gotten angry; because they would have been sure to blow what I thought was a peaceful ride to heaven.

At this moment I only want to be seen riding into my thought.

Maybe so they can get a glimpse at a confused but somewhat sane mind at work.

As they walk by, a part of me wants them to ask?

“Miss, what are you writing?”

My story would only scare them.

I’m better off left alone to sort out this peaceful freedom on paper.

I am in a peaceful but somewhat dense thought.

This density is going nowhere because I notice there are no stars out tonight.

That’s ok…

Might be…

Some tommorow…

If God wakes me up to enjoy yet another peaceful freedom.

Thank you, Sanity



    1. Leisa it is so true on this night the river stunk and those darn spider webs, but I loved every minute of it. It was my first 90 days clean and it felt great! Now its been 2 years and a 5 months, unflippin beleivable! IAM FREE!!

  1. I liked “I’m in a peaceful but somewhat dense thought”. Your poems have real content and they are understandable yet they have the density that you touch on here.

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