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I met him; I fell in love with him

I knew he wasn’t mines

But he grew on me

Like a 19th century bottle of

Old money kind’a wine

She knew about us for years

And for years she took a back seat

Because she knew without me

His heart was strangely weak

He was a police officer

And in the line of duty, he was shot

I screamed!

Please tell me he is not dead!

Please tell me he is not!!

He laid in the hospital

In that dreadful coma for 20 long weeks

It was not her body he longed for

Between those hospital sheets

It was hard for her to deny

Because she knew if she did not find me

Her husband would surely die

This woman knew he was in love with me

And only wanted her husband to survive

So willing to do anything

To keep her husband alive

She grabbed his phone

Braced herself

And stood up on her feet

She sought me out knowing

His heart was strangely weak

I laid with him

And she approved of me

In that hospital bed

She silently requested help

And pushed me towards his bed

A few days later he awoke

I jumped up from between the sheets 

And it killed her

As she looked on


I was the reason

His heart still beat

Its been three years now

And she is still his wife 

And  everyday

I regret the day

I saved that bastard’s life!

39 thoughts on “MISTRESS

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  1. Miss Latoya,

    I’ve been browsing over your poems here and I’ve found them inspiring!

    I, too, am a writer, although I write novels and short stories. If you ever think you’d like to write some short stories, you should look into joining Critique Circle (critiquecircle.com). I’m not one of their administrators or anything; I’m only a participant.

    Another place you might look into is Goodreads. They have a poetry group that publishes a poem each month.

    You need to be published!

    BTW: I came to visit your blog out of curiosity, when I found that you were following mine (Secret Pal Teachers).

  2. WOW! That is one fierce piece of work – love the sparsity of the language – it adds strength to the narrative – beware of people with strangely weak hearts eh?

  3. Hey Toya,

    Fantastic poem. Well deep if you know what I mean.
    I have some crazy poems like that – one particularly named ‘Suicide’
    I try once in a while to write altho i am not much of a writer.
    When I’m free I’ll take time to check out your other poems.
    Good work 😉

    1. I don’t normally tell the story of what motivates my poetry, however, this poem was motivated by the the show Scandal, Olivia Poe, played by Kerry Washington was having an affair with the president, Fitz, played by Tony Goldwyn and his wife Miley played by Bellamy Young called Olivia Poe to the hospital after Fitz was shot because if he did not fight for his own life he would fight to be with Olivia and Miley knew that. Ohhh, that was a great show, filled with twist, turns and my weekly drama dose! Those married men never leave their wives, they want their cake and want to eat it too.

      I had fun with this piece ❤
      Thanks for visiting again 🙂

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