The things this house would tell me

So shaken by its pain

As I got older…

I started to believe everyone but me was sane

I looked at visitors with squinted eyes

Paranoid by their smiles

I made mental notes of each visitor

And planted them in my haunted files

Their evil grins confused me

Like actors, I watched them take their place

While some blended with the walls

It was hard to hide their face

I told this house to leave me

And stop talking in my ear

No matter how hard I tried

The walls I could still hear

We moved and I was so happy

But the wall where still the same

The haunted house had followed me

And I was unprepared for these fucking games



      1. your welcome, thanks for replying. i once felt trapped in my own mind, but once i took out the aspects i needed to take out, to help me grow, i found i stopped feeling trapped. When i took out myself. maybe there is still stuff you need to take out about yourself? and then you wont be the haunted house? i wrote more but i want to put it as a post on my blog. Frustration can make a person feel trapped, its late here. i felt my past haunted me once, that i would never be free of it, which was perfectly correct, but what made me free of it was to except i never would be, and stare back at it in the metaporical face. If it was going to remain with me, then i was going to hug it.

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