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I’ve decided to write

Tonight’s not like any other night

Everything feels right, nothing’s wrong

I haven’t felt this way in so long

I’m at peace, all the chaos has finally ceased

There’s so much to be grateful for

God is opening so many doors

Have you ever looked at the stars

And wondered if there’s life force on mars

And if their struggles are the same as ours

My mind is not somewhere far away

The only thing I worry about is what to cook today

I’m not on the streets walking the beat

Panhandling just to get a bite to eat

Some angel sent down to lend a hand

In the form of some perverted man

And when I do get the money it’s like bee’s on honey


Dope boyz ridin’ with that look like


So I do what I do, and I run like a little girl late for school.

They see desperation in my eyes

They ask me

Do you need this?

And of course I lie

They’re tigers looking for meat

So I get high and I’m back on the streets, with nowhere to go

I know some old man’s looking for a show

It’s lonely out here

Damn, no one knows

I look and see girls just as lonely as me, wishing to pray or praying to wish to be free

But drugs were all we were able to see

And I know deep down inside this isn’t really me

I knew this man he took my girl for a ride

I told her not to go she said she wouldn’t but she lied

She thought I was try’na steal her trick

It’s funny how a junkies mind ticks

The core of this disease had me constantly on my knees and it wasn’t to pray


There were many days I had to swallow my pride

I was seriously contemplating suicide

I just wanted to kill myself and die

I was a hopeless bum ten times over and then some

Why did my friend have to go for that ride

I got this really strange feeling inside

I kept seeing visions of her being swept up on a tide

I kept getting these visions over and over again

She’s probably high, real hard to defend

It was during my worst days that I prayed

I was walking through life’s crazy maze, and in an alley way there my friend laid

This was bad news I was lost and completely confused and was living in a world of self-centered fools!

I’ve been asking God to send me a sign

Leave this place, right now’s the time

This is where I’m at this moment is mine

Should I stay or should I go?

Please someone help me ‘cause I don’t know

All I know is where I’ve been, near death experiences and 100% sin

I’ll never forget how I let this disease win

When I think of the fire I’ve survived

I often wonder why I’m still alive

God has this major plan and I’m so excited cause I haven’t ran

My friend got killed by some crazy man

But I believe she was part of God’s perfect plan

Some have to die for others to live and for that reason I promise to give all of me to recovery

I have one chance to make this right

And for that reason I promise to always walk in Gods eye sight

Wanna walk in my shoes

I don’t think so

These are places no one should ever go




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  1. some one recited this poem in my hometown and i cried. now that i am reading it again i am like… wow!!!!

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